'We're setting up a special fund for Ukraine's damaged infrastructure': EU energy chief

The European Commission’s energy supremo, Estonian Kadri Simson, recently visited Ukraine to discuss what can be done to help energy infrastructure damaged in Russian missile attacks. She details plans to transfer specialised machinery and devices to Ukraine through a dedicated fund. The Commissioner also updates us on the negotiations among EU member states on a possible price cap on gas imports – a potential response to Europe's energy crisis.

Simson outlined the EU's help for Ukraine's damaged energy infrastructure, saying: "Where Ukrainian engineers can’t do the repairs themselves, they need specific equipment. Equipment that is not very common in Western Europe; only a couple of international companies are producing these kinds of substations. There are dozens of companies that might have these substations in their storage. The European Commission, together with the European energy community, has set up a dedicated fund so that we can transport this specific machinery and devices to the most needed locations in Ukraine. Right now, there are millions of households without electricity, without heat, as the winter actually arrives."

Simson also addressed energy diversification and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), saying: "Between February and September we have attracted plus 28.5 billion cubic metres of additional LNG, but we have also negotiated with our trusted partners, with whom we have pipeline connections – Norway, Algeria, Azerbaijan – and they have also increased their volume significantly. We have also received 24 billion cubic metres of gas via pipelines. This has helped us."

'We also need to prioritise energy savings and the fuel switch'

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