'We're on a ten year honeymoon travelling the world for just £7 a day we earn by selling saucy photos'

Meet the couple who are on a ten year honeymoon - and live off just £7 a day which they earn by selling steamy naked photos.

Silke Muys, 31, and Kieran Shannon, 29, met in Sitges, Spain in 2019 where they both worked as dancers.

It was love at first sight, and after they got married on the Isle of Skye in August 2021, they decided to do embark on a ten year honeymoon.

They decided to embark on the decade long trip to try and top their wedding which involved a 300 mile trek across Scotland.

They've already travelled to Iceland, Spain, hitchhiked across the whole of Portugal, before three months in Sri Lanka, onto India, the Nepal to Thailand.

They manage to do their travels on just £7 a day by staying in the cheapest option on Hostelworld and eating only streetfood.

This gives them leftover money from their £350 a month income they earn from uploading nude artsy shots to Patreon, every Friday.

Subscribers can pay £6 a week for seductive shots such in breathtaking locations around the world released each week on 'Freaky Friday'.

They plan to continue their honeymoon for ten years total, and their current plan is to travel from Chile to Alaska, as well as visiting Myanmar and Mongolia.

Silke said: "We get to know each other better by sharing these magical moments together on top of mountains and beneath waterfalls.

"Everyday is an adventure.

“We lead such a beautiful life but we try to share the hard times too because it’s not always easy.

Kieran said: “We are now living in our dream and want to inspire others to catch the travelling bug," said Kieran.

Follow the couple's journey @silkyrontheroad on Instagram and Patreon.