West Dunbartonshire candidates welcome General Election announcement

Rishi Sunak in downing st today after calling a snap election for July 4th 2024
-Credit: (Image: Ian Vogler / Daily Mirror)

West Dunbartonshire’s MP has welcomed the calling of a general election, saying that it gives voters the opportunity to “kick out this woeful Westminster government.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak last week made the shock announcement that voters would go to the polls on July 4.

In a soaking address outside 10 Downing Street, Mr Sunak said that voters had the chance to; “build on the future you’ve made or risk going back to square one with Labour.”

Opinion polls show that Labour hold a commanding lead UK-wide, with their leader, Sir Keir Starmer saying it was “time for change” away from “years of Tory chaos”.

In West Dunbartonshire, where the SNP currently hold a majority of just over 21 percent, incumbent Martin Docherty-Hughes is set to go head-to-head with Labour’s Douglas McAllister - who currently serves as the area’s Provost, and a councillor for Clydebank.

The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Greens have still to announce their candidates, whilst Andrew Muir stands for the Scottish Family Party.

Responding to the calling of the election, Mr Docherty-Hughes - who has represented West Dunbartonshire at Westminster since 2015 - said: “It’s welcome news that the Prime Minister has finally done the right thing and set a date for the General Election.

Martin Docherty-Hughes at Dumbarton Castle
Martin Docherty-Hughes is aiming for a return to Westminster. -Credit:Lennox Herald

“I’m looking forward to the campaign ahead and the opportunity on July 4 to kick out this woeful Westminster government.

“Tory austerity has been devastating for West Dunbartonshire, but Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour party only offers more of the same. The callous actions of the local Labour-run council to shut libraries and cut community services tells you all you need to know about their priorities.

“The SNP is the only party that will put West Dunbartonshire and Scotland first, protect our public services, and offer the real change our communities need.

“It’s the privilege of my lifetime to represent the area where I grew up. I’m proud of my record of standing up for my constituents and will continue to fight day and night for the people of West Dunbartonshire.”

UCI Cyling Balloch - Provost Douglas McAllister
West Dunbartonshire Provost Douglas McAllister will stand for Labour. -Credit:Lennox Herald

Labour candidate Douglas McAllister commented: “At long last the Tories have finally called the election we have all been waiting for.

“We now have the chance in West Dunbartonshire to play our part in delivering change.

“After 14 years of Tory and 17 years of SNP failure, chaos and misrule it’s time to vote Labour and deliver the change we so desperately need.

“I live in West Dunbartonshire with my family, I share the concerns of our residents. Families are paying the price for that failure here in West Dunbartonshire and across Scotland.

“I am determined to change that.

“Electing a Labour MP will help secure a Labour government with Scottish MPs who will boot out the Tories and maximise Scottish influence.

“We will bring down fuel bills for good with the publicly owned energy company, we will reduce hospital waiting lists and make work pay.

“There won’t be a Labour government without Scotland and West Dunbartonshire voting Labour.

“I ask for the opportunity to serve the area where I choose to live and help deliver change and the hope for a better future here in West Dunbartonshire.

“We can’t just send a message at this election. Scotland can send a government and deliver real change and therefore I ask that you vote Douglas McAllister and Scottish Labour and help send a local resident to Westminster and a strong voice within the Labour government delivering change.”