Quiz! Are you an expert on lyrics from musicals?

Quiz! Are you an expert on lyrics from musicals?

We may not be able to enjoy musicals in person right now, but we’re going remind you of the magic of the West End in our latest daily quiz.

From long-lasting favourites like ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘Cats’ to more modern classics like ‘Hamilton’ and ‘Book of Mormon’, they’re the shows which have us humming their most memorable songs for weeks afterwards.

Every single musical in London’s West End closed abruptly at the start of lockdown in March, and although some smaller productions are considering reopening, the household names remain shut.

If you’re a true musical fan, you’ll have no problem selecting the correct lyrics from the multiple choice options in our quiz below.

Got full marks? Share the quiz with friends and family to see if they can match your musical prowess!

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