West End woman becomes face of new Adidas collection

West End woman becomes face of new Adidas collection for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
West End woman becomes face of new Adidas collection for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A Glasgow woman has become the face of a new Adidas collection in a campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

The new global campaign Strength in Nature has been launched in partnership with Breast Cancer Now to help raise awareness of breast cancer and support the vital work carried out by the charity.

Three women, with different breast cancer experiences, have been selected by Adidas to tell their stories in the new campaign, including Jane Grove from the city's West End.

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Jane Grove

Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer during the pandemic in September 2020 and had a mastectomy in December 2020 before having chemotherapy and radiotherapy in early 2021.

She used outdoor exercise as a way of staying positive throughout.

The 53-year-old said: "My biggest fear, apart from the possibility of dying, was that treatments would make it difficult for me to run and get out for dog walks, essential for my mood and particularly as chemo took me straight into menopause.

"The prospect of it not being something I would continue to do didn’t bear thinking about."

Jane and her running group

Jane lost half a stone before her surgery to improve her chances of a good recovery and to prepare herself for chemotherapy.

She walked her dog 10k a day and, 10 days after her surgery, she walked 5k for the Beatson Santa Dash.

Jane said: "I found it important to stay active throughout chemotherapy and found that moving just a little helped with the mental impact of cancer treatment.

"I went for daily walks, runs or cycles, depending on the impact of my treatment and how exhausted I was.

"Throughout this time I took photos of flowers, the trees, and my happy dog - enjoying my time in nature.

"I remember being so elated on a rainy evening in March as I walked through the park.

"I looked around to see that nobody was nearby and whipped off my hat to feel the cooling rain soothing my poor baldy head. It was fantastic."

Jane having her hair shaved

Jane had a supportive group of friends and a running group who were there for her when she was at her toughest points of treatment.

She said: "When I was feeling really low, I hadn’t made it out of the door all day let alone along to our Wednesday evening ‘Mums on the Run’ and they called by my street during their run, to wave and sing to me.

"I’d had to steer clear of the group for months due to lowered immunity, so that was so emotional.

"Being part of the Adidas and Breast Cancer Now Strength in Nature campaign feels so important, as I’m not sure what I would have done without having access to nature during my treatment.

"The feeling of wellbeing that I gain from being outdoors cannot be overstated and the weather, the seasons, all played a part in my journey to recovery.

"That’s why it’s lovely that Adidas and Breast Cancer Now are encouraging everyone to get outdoors, regardless of your abilities.

"I don’t aspire to be a gazelle, I’m a lumpy trier, but the benefits of just that small time in nature can do so much for anyone’s physical and mental wellbeing."

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Jane Grove

The Adidas Breast Cancer Awareness Collection brings together a range of footwear and apparel for running, hiking and mountain biking, with £15 from each full-price sale donated to Breast Cancer Now to fund vital support services.

The products have been chosen to help everyone, regardless of physical ability or condition, spend more time outdoors.

Jane Grove

Rachael Franklin, director of fundraising, communications and engagement at Breast Cancer Now, said: "We are so delighted to be partnering with Adidas this Breast Cancer Awareness Month on their Strength in Nature campaign.

"As well as raising awareness and vital funds for our world-class breast cancer research and life-changing support services, this campaign powerfully conveys the benefits of the outdoors - something we know is so passionately felt by many people who experience a breast cancer diagnosis.

"In the UK, one woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 10 minutes and one man is diagnosed every day - and alarmingly, without urgent action, this will rise to one woman being diagnosed in the UK every eight minutes by 2030.

"We know the positive impact the outdoors can have on our mental and physical health, and regular exercise can also reduce the risk of breast cancer.

"That’s why we’re so grateful to Adidas for not only raising awareness and vital funds but also helping everyone to find strength in nature.

"Every item sold in the collection will make a positive difference to people affected by breast cancer, and we thank everyone who makes a purchase.

"Our expert nurses are there for anyone seeking information and support via our free confidential helpline on 0808 800 6000."

The limited Adidas Breast Cancer Awareness Collection is available HERE until the end of October.

Jane during treatment