West Lothian mum with daughter in 'constant pain' pleads for bigger council home

Andrea Thomson and daughter Casey.
-Credit: (Image: Stuart Vance)

A West Lothian mum whose teenage disabled daughter is in constant pain is pleading with the council to give her a bigger house.

Andrea Thomson's daughter Casey, 17, was born three months premature and has cerebral palsy as well as suffering from painful scoliosis in the last few years as she says a bigger home would help accommodate her specialist equipment.

As the Courier reports, Andrea says her daughter's pain is getting worse and she is in need of a specialist bed that won't fit into her current bedroom at their home on Croftfoot Drive, Fauldhouse.

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The fed-up mum is also struggling to manoeuvre Casey's larger wheelchair and fears that as her daughter gets older the situation will only become worse.

Andrea said: "There isn't even space in her bedroom at present to turn her wheelchair, there's not adequate space for a hoist for her.

"I do have a hoist but I'm having to hoist her over the base plate at the bottom of the bed. Her room is absolutely tiny."

Casey is in need of stronger painkillers all the time and her mum has appealed to the council for a larger home - but has become frustrated as she claims they won't tell her where she is on the waiting list.

Andrea says her daughter's bedroom is tiny
Andrea says her daughter's bedroom is tiny. -Credit:Stuart Vance

After being contacted by the Courier, West Lothian Council confirmed they are aware of Casey's situation but expressed that there are more than 11,000 people on the same waiting list - limiting their availability and options.

Andrea continued: "The council just say there's nothing and when you get an email, they say they don't respond to where you are on the waiting list. So they're basically not answering at all.

"There are bungalows getting built at Longridge by Cairn which would have been perfect, but then I'm finding there are people who, fair enough maybe do need to downsize, but they're fit and healthy and are getting bungalows.

"We've not been asking for a new house for that long, but it's the priority. Once Casey turns 18 she loses her bed and I have to re-apply for it all again and she turns 18 in June.

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"That's why it's so urgent, they wanted to get her this new bed before she leaves children's services and goes into adult, because then the purse strings get tightened and it's harder to get anything."

A West Lothian Council spokesperson said: "We are aware of this case and have been working with the applicant to maximise their potential housing options This applicant is currently a tenant of Cairn Housing Association, and has a live application for housing with West Lothian Council.

"We are proactively working as we do with all housing applicants, to ensure that the applicant has the maximum amount of points allocated to their application in line with our allocations policy.

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"However with a specific type of accommodation required in this instance and over 11,000 people on the housing waiting list, there will be limited options within the council's available housing stock. West Lothian Council announced a housing emergency, which is directly related to the critical shortage of accommodation in the area.

"While the housing service continues to await the opportunity of a suitable property to match the needs of the applicant, officers have also been working with the applicant to ensure they are assessing alternative housing options with their current landlord and other local registered social landlords who may have a suitable property available before the council."