West Virginia Governor Uses Real Bullshit to Show What He Thinks of Budget Bill

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice expressed his dissatisfaction over a budget bill brought to him by state legislators in dramatic fashion on April 13 during a press conference in which he likened the bill to a heaping pile of bull dung.

The governor tweeted a video of himself standing in front of three covered trays at the end of a speech in which he repeatedly criticized the $4.1 billion budget bill passed by state lawmakers on April 9. He uncovered the first two trays to reveal a “nothing burger” and a “mayonnaise sandwich,” which was how he referred to previous budgets brought to him, according to this local report.

He then uncovered the third tray to reveal a pile of papers covered in what Justice called “bull you-know-what" and promptly pulled out a pen to veto the bill. Credit: Twitter/Governor Jim Justice via Storyful‏