Westminster Accounts: The MPs earning millions

For decades, if you wanted to find out how much an MP was earning on top of their £84,000 basic salary, you'd need to study dozens of entries in several editions of the Register of Members' Financial Interests.

All of this information was clouded in opaque language and difficult for most voters to access. Now, Sky News and our partners at Tortoise Media have been working to change that, so we can all follow the flow of money through our political system.

On the Sky News Daily, host Niall Paterson heads into Westminster with deputy political editor Sam Coates and political producer Tom Larkin to take a closer look at exactly how much MPs are earning in their second jobs.

You can take a look at the database yourself here.

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Politics producer: Tom Larkin
Podcast producers: Emma Rae Woodhouse and Rosie Gillott
Sound designer: Tom Burchell
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Editor: Philly Beaumont