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    We never received any kind of apology or condemnation from the Muslim Community over these attacks. In fact when asked the Muslim Council refused to condemn religious extremism or terrorism and many came out in support, such as those at the Finsbury Park Mosque!
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    Northern Wolf
    The Canadian media failed to report on the stabbing spree in Paris a couple days ago by a Muslim refugee - I wonder why?
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    Mayor Khan has banned knives because of the thousands upon thousands of stabbings in London (more homicides than New York city in 2017), and is now banning cars from parts of the city following the many, many vehicle homicides in the last 2 years.

    In fact, the London Metropolitan Police don't even categorize many events as terrorist attacks in order to bury the truth. Last year a pair of Muslim men drove around a high-school for 3 hours waiting for the students to finish class, then rammed a group of 4 boys, killing a few of them. This was categorized as a traffic accident, and the families barred from speaking in the proceedings by the judge.

    Khan should ban acid next, as London has become the acid attack capital of the world.
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    Great job with the diversity in London Mayor Khan.
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    And the young girl that was just murdered in the Burnaby Central Park was murdered buy a Somalian that has been in Canada 🇨🇦 no longer than a year. Thanks Truidiot for our diversity being Canada’s strength SMH!
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    stephan patreska
    FUNNY no mention of the attacker. Let me guess , THE RELIGION OF PEACE
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    With the scooter robbers, the gangs, the stabbings and the terrorism we were safer here during WW II than now. How do we stop this?
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    Let's just light candles and let thousands more of them in!!!
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    Why would London vote in a Muslim mayor? When everyone knows the agenda of the Muslims.
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    Jason Peters
    Very sad to watch this, knowing it only ended in tragedy. Hate must be condemned by all.RIP Kurt.