Westworld season 2: Fan theory suggests Delos is harvesting guests' DNA

Ilana Kaplan
'Westworld.': Credit: HBO

A new Westworld fan theory on Reddit suggests that Delos - the company that runs Westworld - is harvesting guests' DNA.

The idea is that the park is collecting DNA from each powerful visitor that comes to Westworld.

One Reddit user suggests that Delos is trying to cop DNA from park goers only to replace these wealthy civilians with hosts.

They said, "So they're collecting the DNA of every park goer, in a park where you need 40k a day to attend? I smell replacing rich elite people with hosts and Delos ruling the world."

This theory implies that Delos plotting for world domination.

It could also mean that some of the characters the audience is familiar with are actually hosts.

Another user suggested that that the "Man in Black is a host, trying to unlock the maze for his own consciousness and free will, because he was replaced by a host in the outside world and can’t leave the park as his coding doesn’t allow it."

They explained that the ideas is that "Man in Black" was actually "killed and replaced to steal ownership of the park," however Anthony Hopkins saved his information making an Android that unlocks his consciousness and lets him live again.

While the idea isn't fully "fleshed out," it is "plausible."

The Reddit user pointed out that a robot found Anthony Hopkins' character specifically "out of the entire map" in order to "tell him about the new game."

Westworld fans also just found out that "hosts can be used to track other hosts."

The second season of Westworld premiered on HBO last night.

Given that reddit users discovered last season's twist, it's possible there is merit to the reddit theories out there.