Wetherby couple joining centenarian club together give four letter key to longevity

Rita and Arnold, both 100
-Credit: (Image: Anchor Wetherby Manor)

A Wetherby couple have reached the combined age of 200 - after both reaching 100-years-of-age - while hinting the key to their conjoined longevity is LOVE.

Rita Bradbury celebrated reaching 100-years-old on Friday, May 31, and a party was held for her at Anchor's Wetherby Manor Care Home, St James Street. Rita has lived at the home alongside her husband Arnold since 2015 - and he became a centenarian in October last year.

Born in Durham, Rita moved to Yorkshire with her parents just before the outbreak of the Second World War, and Rita served in the Wrens during the conflict. She was stationed in Grimsby and worked to spot German U-Boats.

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She trained in Windsor and saw princesses Elizabeth and Margaret perform in a pantomime well before her coronation as Queen, and Rita still keeps the programme from the event. She met Arnold in Leeds and they married at St Johns Church, Moortown, in 1948.

They celebrated their 75th Wedding Anniversary at the care home in March last year. The couple first lived in Moortown before moving to Alwoodley. There, the couple had two sons, Michael and Peter, who both turned up to celebrate their mum's birthday celebration alongside Arnold.

Rita said: "I deserve a medal for putting up with Arnold but wouldn’t change him for the world! We are still very much in love."

Rita and Arnold at her 100th birthday party
Rita and Arnold at her 100th birthday party -Credit:Anchor Wetherby Manor

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Arnold said: “It was love at first sight, we just knew we would spend the rest of our lives together.

"We are very content here at Anchor’s Wetherby Manor and the care team is marvellous, we are looked after very well."

Caroline Byron, Manager of Anchor’s Wetherby Manor care home, said: "Arnold has a dry sense of humour and loves to talk about the past. Rita is quieter and loves to be well presented. She is known as the queen to some of the care team.

"The couple enjoy many of the activities we put on for residents at Anchor’s Wetherby Manor care home. Their favourite activities are exercise classes and entertainment events."

Rita Bradbury
Rita Bradbury -Credit:Anchor Wetherby Manor