Wetherspoon's customers give 'standing ovation' as woman discovers 'longest chip ever'

A Wetherspoon's customer was overjoyed by the size of one of her chips
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

A lengthy chip has been branded as the "longest ever" by amused Wetherspoon customers, after a comical video was uploaded on TikTok from one of the pub chain's venues.

Ecstatic pub-goers can be seen in the video applauding and rejoicing as a proud customer showcases their find to everyone present. Amid the mirth unfolding in the beer garden, she exclaims: "Look at that! Oh my god! ".

Replying to the brief clip, captured at a 'Spoons branch located in Camden, an individual on TikTok proudly declared: "It makes you proud to be British."

Yet some were puzzled by the size of the chip, retorting "no potato is that big". A fellow user queried: "But how could it be that long? What potato is that size? Unless it's ground up potato then moulded into that shape."

Another concurred: "I just wanna know how blummin' massive that potato was." Whereas another speculated if the chip had actually been "AI generated".

Although the original uploader of the TikTok video only boasts 62 followers, her 11-second clip has taken the platform by storm - racking up over 360,000 views. Reddit users also became privy to this culinary marvel, where it incited just as much astonishment. "No one else in the world would ever understand what the f*** is going on here and the kind of culture of a Spoons," stated one delighted member of the CasualUK subreddit.

"I love these little nuances that only people from 'home' would ever get. Imagine trying to explain to an American or even someone with English as a second language, that an entire pub clapped at a chip! ".

One person shared their amusement, saying: "Only the British would ever be so quirky and wholesome as to clap at a chip! None of those silly other countries could possibly understand our randomness. There is a silly quality to UK humor that a lot of others don't quite get and certainly wouldn't initiate."

Another chimed in with a humorous take: "Humanity has reached its high watermark, it's downhill from here. We will never see such achievement again."

A nostalgic anecdote was also recounted: "My family used to hold a longest chip competition at McDonalds birthdays parties... my gran gave my younger sister a chip and the thing only bloody won, and I threw such a big tantrum they didn't hold any more after that. Anyway this woman beats my sister's nepotism chip so congratulations to her! ".

The story echoes a previous incident where a nine year old boy found a chip "bigger than his head" in a bag of frozen chips from Asda.

Archie Davies, the youngster, couldn't hide his delight upon discovering what he thought might be a record-breaking chip. His family had to whip out a measuring tape to confirm its staggering nine inches length. Archie even posed for a photo with his extraordinary find to commemorate the moment.

When Reach PLC reached out to Wetherspoons for a comment on the giant chip, the pub chain declined to respond.