Wetherspoons rolls out new queuing rule at the bar 'to improve behaviour'

A Wetherspoon pub
-Credit: (Image: Wetherspoon)

Popular pub chain Wetherspoons has rolled out new queuing guidelines in an attempt to dispense with what's seen as an irksome line system plaguing its establishments. The firm tested the arrangement at a North West pub to foster better queue behaviour among drinkers.

A snap initially shared by @cufcmike from The Lifeboat in Formby was later pushed by Twitter /X user @QueuesPub, whose profile discloses they're "campaigning to end the recent phenomenon of queuing single file in pubs". The image showed a notice at the bar: "Please stand at the bar to be served.

"Thank you." Delighting in this, the Twitter/X user mentioned: "The first Wetherspoons to break ranks, a vital moment in the campaign. Formby."

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Reacting to it, one supporter chimed in: "Wetherspoons was ground zero for this plague so I'm glad they're taking responsibility and doing something about it." Another concurred: "Stand at the bar, all along. Don't queue. A proper barman can cope with that. Queuing came in post lockdown and is an abomination," reports Birmingham Live.

Another drinker scorned the queuing system, saying it makes the pubs look like a coach full of tourists just docked for their pre-paid roast and pint. One wrote favouring the move: "Pls make this a thing cos as a bartender it's the most annoying thing ever,".

One person quipped: "Ooh get you in Formby. So posh there that they get out of the bath when they need a p***." Meanwhile, another recounted: "I was in a pub on the river in London last week, queue had formed out the door. Bypassed that and went straight to bar and was served immediately. Be brave! We can fight back."

Wetherspoons, known for its extensive network of pubs across the UK, boasts several establishments in Coventry, including prime spots in the city centre and at BHX.

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