'We've all got our part to play': UK doctor gives coronavirus advice while strumming on ukulele

NHS junior doctor Maissa Rosie has written a coronavirus song after she couldn't get the items she needed for her two-year-old daughter during a shopping trip to Tesco last week.

Dr Maissa Rosie is a frontline worker in the Emergency Department at Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham, UK.

Maissa told Newsflare: "I saw several people ‘panic buying’ and overheard several comments about how it was only necessary for the elderly to follow the advice/social distance.

"I really wanted to convey how important it is for people to follow the advice, not just for themselves, but for other more vulnerable groups of people, who might not be obvious, who would be less able to defend against this virus if they contract it.

"We ALL have a part to play. I hoped the medium of song/music would help convey the message more effectively! I’ve been overwhelmed by the reaction and have had lots of positive messages - that it has cheered people up whilst conveying a very important message."

The inspiring song was recorded in her Nottingham home on March 20.