'What was the point in you coming on?': Lorraine Kelly chips in on 'GMB' interview to blast Jennifer Arcuri over unanswered questions

Katie Archer

She’s known for being one of the nicest interviewers on TV, but you don’t want to cross Lorraine Kelly – as Jennifer Arcuri found out to her cost this morning.

US businesswoman and Boris Johnson “friend” Arcuri was a guest on Good Morning Britain, where she was again questioned over whether she’d had an affair with Johnson in the 10 years she’d known him, and again swerved actually giving a firm answer.

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It’s usually GMB host Piers Morgan who is known for his tough grilling of guests, but after he failed to get a straight answer out of Arcuri, he passed over to Kelly to talk about what was coming up next on the Lorraine show – and she took matters into her own hands.

With Arcuri still sitting alongside Morgan and his co-host Susanna Reid, viewers were treated to a split screen of the businesswoman and Kelly as the TV host bluntly asked her why she’d bothered coming on TV.

Kelly said: “That was crazy, wasn’t it. What’s the point? Coming on and not answering any questions. What’s the point in that?”

As Morgan directed her to ask the question to Arcuri, Kelly demanded: “It just doesn’t make any sense, what’s the point in you coming on the TV to clear the air and then you don’t say anything?”

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Looking shocked at the extra questioning, Arcuri fumbled: “Well, I believe I said a few things, what is it that you were looking for?”

Kelly said: “You didn’t answer any of the questions that were put to you and I just don’t see the point of you coming on, to be honest.”

Arcuri had complained during her interview about her treatment by Johnson, claiming that he hung up on her recently when she tried to contact him.

Reid asked the GMB guest whether she thought other viewers might feel the same as Kelly about her lack of information in the interview.

Giving another vague answer, Arcuri said: “I appreciate where people are coming from, I’m simply here to make it clear there was no favouritism.”