What's it like to work for an airline? This new series goes behind the scenes in Glasgow

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What's it like to work for an airline? This new series goes behind the scenes
What's it like to work for an airline? This new series goes behind the scenes

A new reality show featuring a behind the scenes look at Glasgow-based airline staff is set to air next week.

The new 10-part series, Sky High Club, promises an exclusive insight into the lives of young team members at Loganair for anyone that’s ever wondered what happens in an airline beyond take-off and landing.

Loganair, the UK’s largest regional airline, gave Scottish film crews all-areas access to document the lives of 11 airline staff over several months.

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Two Glasgow-based staff members are set to share their incredible stories on the new series, which will take off on BBC Scotland next Monday, August 15.

One of whom is the first commercial pilot living with HIV who is attempting to update aviation legislation in pursuit of his dreams.

The other is an engineer who is confronted by a daunting challenge of converting a plane into an air ambulance in time for a patient to be transported the next morning.

The airline team - ranging from captains to aircraft engineers - try to balance their personal lives while faced with the busiest summer they’ve ever had to work.

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Jonathan Hinkles, CEO of Loganair, said: “We are all incredibly proud of those who participated in Sky High Club and everyone in the wider team who made it possible.”

“During a busy summer, when the entire aviation industry was faced with changing Covid restrictions and huge challenges, it was a daunting prospect to invite a TV crew behind the scenes of our airline.

“For this to work in the best possible way, we gave the camera crews full access to behind-the-scenes life at Loganair, and I’m truly grateful to the stars of the show for volunteering to share their personal and truly inspiring stories as part of the journey.

“It is our hope that it provides fantastic encouragement and insight for those contemplating a career in aviation - whether in the air or on the ground - and that we are able to continue welcoming a diverse range of new recruits into the Loganair family.”