'What's happened here will change people's mentality - it's the right time'

-Credit: (Image: M.E.N.)
-Credit: (Image: M.E.N.)

"It's a very affluent area, but a Labour approach will allow people to be people together... it will change the mentality." As the sun shines on Altrincham Market, Georgia, 24, is hopeful.

For the first time, Altrincham and Sale West has elected a Labour MP. It came as the Tories were wiped out in Greater Manchester. Labour now holds 25 of the region's 27 seats. The Lib Dems have the other two.

On Friday morning, as Sir Keir Starmer prepared to become Prime Minister, the mood in Trafford constituency was buoyant. Connar Rand is the area's new Parliamentary representative.

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Sir Graham Brady, formerly chairman of the Conservatives' influential 1922 Committee, didn't seek re-election this time around. Many sensed it would be a turning point for Altrincham and Sale West.

As the results came in, that proved to be the case. Even taking into account boundary changes, the area has not elected a non-Tory MP since Liberal Robert Alston in 1923. The following year, the Conservatives snatched it back.

But now, like the vast majority of Greater Manchester, the constituency is red, after Labour overturned a majority of 6,139. As the Manchester Evening News visited to gauge the mood, it was clear there was optimism in the air.

Sipping on coffees outside bars and cafes, many could be overheard talking about the result. Cheesemonger Dan Willis, 49, said: "I'm very happy, it couldn't be a better result. It's interesting to see somewhere that has been under Conservative rule for some time to swing like that. Certainly for us traders and small businesses, it is a better thing for us."

Georgia added: "I think it is amazing for the country. I think it is going to be really amazing to see what Labour put into action. I think people are ready for a new stance and it has come at the right time."

Solomon Cartledge, 26, who said he was 'expecting a Labour landslide', said: "I think this will have an impact on Altrincham, as they are quite fresh faced and ready to prove themselves. I hope they don't rest and do what is best for the community."

Steve Ashcroft, 68, told the M.E.N: "I'm not surprised, because of the state of the political parties. The previous party didn't cover themselves in glory."

Some, however, weren't best pleased. One person said: "I'm quite shocked at the sway in the votes, to be honest. I thought that Reform would get more, but it is really a shock of how much it changed."

"I'm really disappointed by the results," another added walking by. A man, 85, who asked not to be named, said: "It was expected, but the majority that Labour hold is a bit too large."

On new Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer, he said: "He's made all these pledges, promises, plans and expectations. It will be interesting in five years time to look back on what he has said.