Tell Us The Most Unfair Thing Someone Getting Married Expected You To Spend Money On For Their Wedding

Sometimes people getting married get a little entitled and inconsiderate when they make requests for their guests concerning their big day. Often, they expect other people to spend a lot of money on something for their wedding.

A wedding ceremony inside a church with a couple at the altar and guests seated
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If you've ever been in a wedding party or just a guest, and the people getting married expected you to spend a lot of money on something wedding-related, let us know!

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For example, maybe you were in the bridal party and the bride-to-be wanted her bachelorette party to be in a five-star resort in another country and expected all the bridesmaids to pay for rooms and transportation themselves.

Characters from the film 'Bridesmaids' seated on a plane, creating humorous expressions
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Or maybe the bride and groom sent out a wedding registry and there weren't any gifts under $500.

Group of women sitting in a room with presents, from the film "Bridesmaids."
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Perhaps you were the best man and the groom said it was your duty to pay for the wedding cake.

Two men in formal attire exchanging rings in front of a wedding cake
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Or maybe you were the maid-of-honor and the bride picked out a custom dress for you that was $2,000 and expected you to pay for it.

Five women in a bridal shop, expressing varied emotions, dressed in formal wear
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Whatever it is, tell us about the most ridiculous thing someone getting married expected you to spend money on (or use this Google Form if you want to be anonymous). You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post or video.