What's on your road trip playlist? Americans say an ultimate track list is an absolute must for any ride

Six in 10 Americans have a carefully-curated playlist to set the mood when taking a road trip, according to new research. In a survey of 2,000 Americans, results revealed playlists are so essential that they may be the ultimate make-or-break for a successful road trip. Not having access to a playlist was enough to constitute a U-turn for some: 35% of respondents would actually be willing to "turn the car around" if they don't have everything they need to jam out to their music of choice. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Christian Brothers Automotive, the survey delved into the contents of Americans' playlists — especially the differences between generations. Forty-two percent of respondents said they "couldn't stand" the music their parents played on road trips growing up, and 52% believe their generation's playlist-making skills are superior to those of other generations, with millennials most likely to agree (61%).

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