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What’s the future of sports on TV, Pac-12's newest woes & Georgia in more hot water

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Dan Wetzel and SI’s Pat Forde & Ross Dellenger center today’s podcast around all of the different directions that live sports could splinter off into as cable and streaming networks take a bigger slice of the broadcasting pie.

To open the show, Dan gives his assessment of the new documentary Bama Rush, which covers the ins and outs of students trying to be accepted into sororities at the University of Alabama. The massively popular greek life scene in Tuscaloosa has sparked millions of clicks on social media and now, there’s an in-depth look at the process of rushing a sorority there.

The future of how to watch sports is currently in flux for fans across the country. With the boom of streaming services and many opting to cut the cord, we could soon have a very different way to watch our favorite teams. ESPN is considering a move to strictly steaming, which could create a snowball effect for the rest of the major networks to follow. The guys debate the pros and cons of making the switch to streaming and how it may not be incredibly different in the end.

The Pac-12 had a rough week with reports of the University of Colorado being courted by the Big 12. Washington State’s administration also belittled the conference for the lack of support, while also mentioning the conference’s potential financial malpractice.

The off-field trouble is continuing in Athens, GA as Bulldog wide receiver Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint was arrested for reckless driving. Rosemy-Jacksaint is the latest Georgia football player to have issues with speeding, particularly after the racing incident earlier this year with Jalen Carter. The guys are baffled that Kirby Smart & company have yet to deter the dangerous behavior from their players.

Lastly, in news of the weird, Busch Lite could be aiming for a new flavor & a Hot Pocket argument gets violent.

1:00 Dan watched the Alabama sorority rush documentary

10:15 What is the future of sports on television?

37:33 The woes of the Pac-12

47:30 Another Georgia football player was arrested for reckless driving

54:35 Busch Lite could be releasing a peach beer

56:45 A Kentucky man shot his roommate after the victim ate the last hot pocket

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Georgia coach Kirby Smart takes the field before facing TCU 
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Georgia coach Kirby Smart takes the field before facing TCU Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports