Wheel of Fortune fans can’t believe terrible guess: 'I’m in stitches'

Viewers of Wheel of Fortune were blown away Thursday by just how terrible of a guess one contestant made. Matt, despite having just asked for an N, of which there were three on the board, guessed “The Best Buttercut.” Viewers immediately took to Twitter to share their disbelief, though there was some confusion as to what Matt actually said. Some heard “The Best Buttercup.” One viewer tweeted that they were in stitches, while another asked Pat Sajak how he didn’t crack up laughing or make a hilarious face. Sajak was off camera, so what face he made is a mystery. But his low-key sarcasm was clear.

Following Matt’s guess, Sajak responded, “Uh, no. Oddly enough, no.”

But despite having to go through life with the embarrassment of guessing “The Best Buttercup” when that was clearly not even close, Matt won, and took home a nice chunk of change.

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