‘Wheel of Fortune’ viewers stunned by contestant's baffling letter guess

The University of Southern California was represented on “Wheel of Fortune,” Thursday. Theatre major Nico Fife was well on his way to solving the puzzle “LEAVING MY LAPTOP AT HOME.” That is, until he made a surprising mistake.

With the puzzle showing “LEAVING MY LA_TO_ AT HOME,” Fife guessed the letter “F.” There were audible groans from the audience after the gaffe and the puzzle was quickly solved by the next contestant.

While some fans were surprised others were embarrassed for the college junior. Fortunately Nico had a great attitude coming into the game. In fact, he even retweeted a viewer who joked, on Twitter, “Something tells me Nico will see a lot of F's in his college career.”

Despite the mistake, Nico still went home with a smile and $9,450 in prizes.