Wheeler Dealer star Mike Brewer on how to haggle your way to the best deal

Jack Williams
·3-min read

Buying a car can be a stressful experience with punters desperate to get the best deal possible.

Offer too much and you will end up paying over the odds but go in too low and you’re likely to insult the dealer.

It can be a difficult balancing act, but TV star Mike Brewer has shared his top tips when it comes to negotiating the best price.

Brewer, who has hosted Wheeler Dealers since 2003, has posted a special video in which he offers his expert advice in the fine art of haggling.

“First and foremost, it is important to just be polite and courteous,” said Brewer.

“Don’t walk in with a pair of boxing gloves on thinking you’re about to have a fight with somebody.

“Go in and enjoy the experience but there are some simple little tools you need to do before you get to the dealer.”

Here are his top tips:

Get a valuation on the car you’re viewing

If you’ve got your target car and you know what the mileage is then go and get a valuation on that vehicle.

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You can do that either using online tools or simply by looking at what those cars are priced at all over the country.

You can then use that to negotiate a better deal when you get there. Maybe even screenshot some of the examples to show to the dealer.

It won’t put them in good stead but it might bend them a little.

Look out for any damage

If there is any damage or stuff that needs repairing, you can use that as a way to negotiate the price down.

I do it all the time on Wheeler Dealers because that is what I’m looking for – cars that have faults.

Does the car need any work?

The car might need a bit of suspension work or maybe you can see that the exhaust is still there but just about to fall off.

Use that to negotiate a little bit of money off because of future costs – money you’ll need to spend in the not-too-distant future.

Be sensible with your offer price

You need to know what the car is worth before you offer your price.

You could offer too much and the dealer would have taken a lot less.

Make sure you know your target price before you set off. You’ll save yourself a whole heap of trouble and fuel to just try and insult somebody.

No sob stories

Dealers are nice people in general. Don’t go in there and tell them a sob story like your goldfish has just drowned.

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It’s a bit like the X Factor when they’re trying to win viewers’ votes but it’s not going to work with a car dealer.

You need to remember that these are people that have got overheads, staff and cleaning materials to pay for.

They have to pay the taxman so just understand that and appreciate the fact that you are getting a service.

If you use those little tips, you should enjoy the experience and come away with a proper car.