Where to get a bespoke engagement ring made in London

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The design process, Hattie Rickards (Hattie Rickards)
The design process, Hattie Rickards (Hattie Rickards)

Choosing an engagement ring is an important moment for every couple.

And for many, the task of finding a design with sufficient personality, means going for something bespoke. But where to begin?

While many of the established jewellery houses also offer a bespoke service, straying from the path of the well-known brands can often provide a better value product and real character of design.

Here are 13 London-based bespoke jewellery designers well worth considering in your hunt for the ring of dreams.

1. Emma Clarkson Webb

 (Emma Clarkson Webb)
(Emma Clarkson Webb)

When buying a ring from Emma Clarkson Webb, she will first give you a brief education in diamonds and gemstones, then source competitively priced stones from across the globe, specifically to fit requests, before the design is handcrafted by her expert craftsmen in the heart of Hatton Garden.

A certified GIA gemologist, Emma spent time living in Asia, which has enabled her to achieve competitive prices, by drawing on a large network of diamond dealers worldwide.

"Our clients can be involved as they like in designing their perfect engagement ring," she says, "with a designer and gemologist advising them every step of the way to ensure we create the perfect ring at a competitive price.


2. Gee Woods

 (Gee Woods)
(Gee Woods)

Gee Woods Jewellery was founded in early 2013 and specialises in both a large amount of bespoke commissioned pieces and, also, a small, ready-to-wear collection.

“In a world where everything is mass produced I like to offer something different and personal to each client so they can walk away with an item that is unique to them,” says Woods. She specialises in reworking old, often neglected, pieces of jewellery which clients wish to modernise.

“We work closely with each other to ensure that they end up with a piece that represents them,” she says, “whilst maintaining the sentiment of an old, often inherited, piece.”


3. Rachel Boston

 (Rachel Boston)
(Rachel Boston)

Rachel graduated in Jewellery Design from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design and continued to study at the Gemological Institute of America in New York where she received her diploma in Diamond Grading.

Her designs upend the traditional bridal jewellery aesthetic by creating art deco-inspired fine jewellery with a strong, modern edge. She works with both high clarity white diamonds and perfectly imperfect grey diamonds, often combining the two for an interesting mix of high/low materials.

All the bespoke pieces are made in Rachel’s workshop and showroom in east London and in London’s jewellery district Hatton Garden. “By fusing modern and traditional making techniques, and focusing on hand fabrication,” she says, “the products are of both high quality and raw originality. “


4. Lily Kamper

 (Lily Kamper)
(Lily Kamper)

Working from her Brixton studio, Lily has a capsule collection of six beautiful, art deco-inspired engagement rings which are all fully customisable. It's working with couples to design a completely bespoke engagement ring where Lily really gets her kicks though. "It's such an honour," she says.

Stones and diamonds are sourced from trusted suppliers in Hatton Garden but she's also happy to work with a client's own precious stones, perhaps from a family heirloom.

Lily is open-minded, supportive and patient, working with her to create a bespoke ring feels more like throwing ideas around with a pal, albeit a very talented one.


5. Hattie Rickards

 (Hattie Rickards)
(Hattie Rickards)

Hattie Rickards left school to study Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins and then spent 5 years working for Solange Azagury Partridge. In 2010 she launched her eponymous company with the sole aim of combining her two main loves in life: jewellery and people. Since then she's worked on almost 500 bespoke commissions.

“My goal is to work with clients to push them to find their personal design boundaries and create pieces that not only mean a huge amount to them but also that they are proud of creating themselves,” she says.


6. Liv Luttrell

 (Liv Luttrell)
(Liv Luttrell)

Finding her inspiration in art and architecture, Luttrell's designs focus on abstraction and simplification, resulting in a striking, bold style. Classically trained as a goldsmith and gemologist, Luttrell works closely with her clients throughout the design process sourcing a unique selection of gemstones and diamonds.

Her big focus is on ethical sourcing and production. “I work with a combination of responsibly sourced gemstones and diamonds and Fairtrade gold where ever possible,” she says. “Everything is hand crafted in the UK ensuring the fair treatment of all the artisans involved."


7. Taylor and Hart

 (Taylor and Hart)
(Taylor and Hart)

Taylor & Hart, was founded in 2013 for couples who want to personalise their engagement ring together.

Following a flexible business model and maximising cutting-edge tech tools, the brand provides its customers with a unique experience through one of life’s most emotional journeys.

All their diamonds are ethically sourced and graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Each ring is uniquely designed, hallmarked and hand-finished in London.


8. Fenton & Co.

 (Fenton & Co.)
(Fenton & Co.)

The ethos behind Fenton & Co. is transparent luxury. When you create a ring with Fenton & Co. you will receive a certificate telling you exactly where in the world your gemstone has come from. One thing is guaranteed, it won't be from a conflict zone.

Though Fenton & Co. doesn't offer a fully bespoke engagement ring service, it has five styles which can all be adapted to suit each person's tastes and preferences. Like The Halo ring but want it with a round cut and a bigger pink sapphire? You've got it. The cut, centre stone, metal and stone size are all fully customisable, resulting in a unique piece of jewellery.

The tagline of Fenton & Co. is 'Loving in Colour' and you won't find any diamonds here. To make it affordable, the brand has decided to go for vibrant, colourful gems. So take your pick from yellow sapphire, emerald, pink sapphire, blue sapphire, ruby and aquamarine.

Laura Lambert, co-founder of Fenton & Co, says: "Fenton & Co was founded on a mission to create beautiful, affordable and responsibly-produced coloured gemstone rings. We wanted to disrupt the status quo around fine jewellery by building a brand that offers personalised products and embraces a diverse range of customers so that more people can feel confident and happy when choosing jewellery to mark their special moments in life."


9. Kimai


Anyone on the hunt for a lab-grown diamond engagement ring should check out Antwerp-based modern fine jewellery brand Kimai, a favourite of Meghan Markle and Emma Watson. In addition to their off-the-peg engagement ring designs, they offer a bespoke service which can be completed with their skilled designers entirely via video call.

From helping you choose from the different diamond shapes and sizes, to showing you clever ways to customise your ring and even explaining a little about the 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity, carat) and how your diamond is made in the lab, Kimai’s designers are on hand throughout the process from initial sketches, through to when that green box arrives at your door.


10. Bear Brooksbank

 (Bear Brooksbank)
(Bear Brooksbank)

British fine jeweller Bear Brooksbank qualified as a gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), before cutting her teeth working for highly respected jewellery dealer Humphrey Butler in Mayfair.

The eponymous label she launched in East London in 2012 specialises in bespoke and commission based projects whilst also holding a collection of fine jewellery pieces available to buy. All her bespoke pieces are made in London by a family run workshop with whom she has worked with for over ten years.

“Since early childhood I have always been spellbound by the idea that precious materials come from the earth. The idea that these exquisite treasures (gemstones) are forged by nature utterly blows my mind,” says Brooksbank, whose designs tend to be chunkier, more vintage-inspired pieces loved by fashion girls all over. “When it comes to stones/jewellery I believe we are only ever custodians. I want to design pieces that my clients not only treasure themselves but can hand down the generations.”


11. McKenna & Co.

 (McKenna & Co.)
(McKenna & Co.)

If you’re looking for an extra special treasure of an engagement ring, look no further than McKenna & Co. jewellers. Founded in 1982 and located in a beautiful townhouse on Beauchamp place in Knightsbridge, the family-run company prides itself on curating one of London’s finest collections of antique, period and vintage jewellery.

The shop stocks a stunning range of unique vintage engagement ring options, but should you wish to create something bespoke, you’re in safe hands with their team of qualified antique jewellery historians, GIA gemmologists and design experts, who will guide you every step of the way.

“Whether you are searching for that perfect Antique or Art Deco treasure, re-modelling a piece of symbolic family jewellery, or creating that truly one-of-a-kind bespoke ring, we are here to help, it is always exciting and an honour to assist!” says Charlotte Williams, head of McKenna & Co’s bespoke design team.


12. Hannah Bedford

 (Hannah Bedford)
(Hannah Bedford)

Employing the ancient art of granulation, where tiny balls of gold add shape and texture to a design, Bedford’s jewellery is the perfect balance of classic and contemporary. She uses 100 percent recycled gold or silver as well as conflict-free diamonds. Her bespoke engagement rings are all handcrafted in her south London studio “fusing my signature aesthetic with my client’s requirements”.

Bedford’s approach is collaborative. “I love working closely with my clients, keeping them informed of the process while responsibly sourcing exquisite stones and materials,” she says. “The result is a truly unique piece and a one-of-a-kind experience.”


13. Jessica McCormack

 (Jessica McCormack)
(Jessica McCormack)

A former employee of the Sotheby’s jewellery department and the daughter of an antiques auctioneer, it is unsurprising that Jessica McCormack’s designs are essentially heirlooms for the modern woman – completely timeless pieces built to last. “My ultimate goal is to make sure all my jewellery is wearable and hugely loved,” she has said.

As a luxury brand, her bespoke engagement rings start at £10,000. The initial consultation will be dedicated to capturing the clients’ vision – whether that is an image in their mind’s eye or an existing gemstone - through sketches.

Every ring is made by expert goldsmiths in the workshop at 7 Carlos Place, the exquisite Mayfair townhouse that is the designer’s HQ and one of the most beautiful places to start your engagement ring design journey.