Where the Buffalo Roam: Herd of Bison Stops Vehicle Traffic in Yellowstone

A herd of bison stopped traffic in Yellowstone National Park and gave park visitors something to marvel at, a video posted to Facebook on October 19 shows.

Suzanne Brady was driving through the Wyoming park with her significant other and his mother when the incident occurred. The video shows a line of cars stopped on a road inside the park, as several bison take over the road and walk around visitors’ vehicles amid a snow flurry.

“Look at this one right here, he’s trying to bump your car, Mom,” Brady’s boyfriend can be heard saying as one particular bison gets very close to their car.

According to the Yellowstone website, the park “preserves the most important bison herd” in the US. As temperatures drop, the animals are known to migrate to warmer areas with lower elevation and less snow than their summer range. Credit: Suzanne Brady via Storyful