Where Eagles Don't Care: Falconer Demonstrates Bird of Prey's Flighty Nature

A falconer demonstrated what he said was the reality of working with eagles at a animal sanctuary in Ballymote, Ireland.

In footage originally posted by Darragh Cornally in September, a female bald eagle lands on his glove with ease after he calls her.

In a second video, however, Cornally attempts to call the eagle once more, but it runs away from him on foot.

Cornally titled the footage, “here’s what people think working with eagles is like vs what it’s actually like.”

“I was doing some flight training with Alaska our female bald headed eagle, and she showed me the duality of working with birds of prey,” he told Storyful.

“The public image of the spectacle and the reality of how silly and unique these animals are and what individuals they are,” he added. Credit: Darragh Cornally via Storyful

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