Where is Greg James? Radio 1 star ‘trapped’ for over 24 hours in post-Brits stunt

Katie Rosseinsky

Greg James remains ‘trapped’ in a mystery location after being ‘captured’ by a celebrity at a Brit Awards after party.

The BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show host, 34, missed his usual radio slot on Wednesday morning after the awards bash, prompting fans to speculate that he had partied too hard.

However, in a video shared that afternoon, the DJ explained to listeners that he had in fact been “captured” and “blindfolded” after attending a party and implored fans to help him work out where he is - and who took him - as part of a new challenge called Who’s Got Greg?

The star and his Radio 1 colleagues have since shared a selection of cryptic clues, which listeners have rushed to untangle on social media.

First, he revealed that he was “blindfolded with a red scarf, which I still have with me in this room,” prompting fans to note that a handful of celebrities were photographed wearing the offending item during the Brits, including Foals’ Yannis Philippakis, Sam Fender, Freya Ridings, Anne Marie and Dermot Kennedy.

However, they’ve all since phoned in to Radio 1 to share their alibis for the night, ruling them out of the investigation.

After James shared a special podcast from his room, listeners also pointed out that two women could be heard speaking in Mandarin Chinese in the background.

Fans then translated the message to discover that the “boss” who has “captured” James is a fan of curry and rice.

James, who revealed that he can hear the sound of barking dogs and that his captor had a “posh voice,” has also been presented with a napkin with a coded message written on it, which listeners have now translated as: "Note capture idea. Let's put red scarves on other people to detract attentions from the two of us."

Listeners also heard the sound of a disposable camera on audio shared from James’ ‘kidnapping,’ with many pointing out that Brits host Jack Whitehall shared an Instagram photo of himself with a disposable camera ahead of the event.


A voicemail on a phone outside of James’ room listed a phone number, which was then revealed to belong to Lizzo, who performed at the Brits. The message said “Sorry about the spill,” potentially alluding to the hilarious moment which saw Whitehall accidentally upturn red wine onto Harry Styles’ bright yellow suit.

While Whitehall is a top suspect, others have pointed the finger at James’ fellow Radio 1 host Mollie King, who was spotted with a key on her dress at the Brits.

A Radio 1 listener has since found a USB stick with BBC branding on Chiltern Street, the location of the Chiltern Firehouse, where James was last spotted.

Fans will continue to receive a stream of clues until they manage to work out where James is being held.

It is not the first time that James has been at the centre of an escape-room style stunt.

Last year, James was locked in a room for 31 hours until fans managed to crack a code based on references to in-jokes used frequently on his show.

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