Where to Get Your Skate on in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Area

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's most iconic skate spot, at least before the politicians got involved, was Love Park. Although the glory days of Love Park may be over (for now) there are still a lot of great skate spots to keep you shredding hard all summer long. Here's a brief look at a few of them:

Pop's Playground

Pop's Playground is located on East Hazzard and Trenton Avenue. It is an outdoor, concrete skatepark with ample ledges, coping, a cone and a corner bowl. The park is open daily, weather permitting.

FDR Skatepark

FDR Skatepark is a 16,000 square foot outdoor skatepark located under Interstate 95 off Broad and Patterson Avenues. It was skater built and maintained. Admission is free and it's open year round. Skate fans may recall that it was the site of the 2005 Gravity Games and was appeared in the video game Tony Hawk's Proving Grounds. Skatepark features include a bunker, brick coping, ramps, hips and bowls.

Whitehall Skatepark

Whitehall Skatepark, also known as Carmella Skatepark, is located on Torresdale Avenue and Wakeling Street. It is open daily and features hubbas, a 45 foot long pyramid, ledges and a half-pipe.

Black Diamond Skatepark

The Black Diamond Skatepark is an indoor facility located on Franklin Mills Circle. A single session will cost you $15 unless you visit towards the end of a session when rates drop to $8 per person. Skateboard and safety pad rentals are on site as well as a well stocked skate shop. It is open year round with varying hours of operation.

Ambler Skatepark

The Ambler Skatepark is located on South Main Street and Bannickburn in nearby Ambler. It is roughly a 40 minute drive from Philadelphia and is expected to open in the spring of 2012. The park's construction was completed in the late fall of 2011. Features include concrete ledges, coping, grinding rail and ramps. Hours of operation are expected to be from dawn until dusk.

Franklin Paine's Park

On a happy note, the city is expected to break ground on a new skatepark in the spring of 2012 entitled Franklin Paine's Park. The new park is on tap to be located near the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Stay tuned to the Franklin Paine website for future details.

My children are skaters and I have a history of following the sport.

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