Which cars will be the stars of Geneva 2012?

Adam Parris-Long
Yahoo! Cars News

As the finishing touches are made for this year's Geneva Motor Show, Yahoo! Cars takes a look at the vehicles set to dominate the headlines.

With more than 700,000 visitors expected to examine the 260 cars on offer, everyone is going to have their favourites but we believe these three have got what it takes to be popular by anyone's measure:


Though the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was officially unveiled at the end of February, the motor show will finally give car enthusiasts a chance up close with the model. What we already know is that the F12 is Ferrari’s fastest road car ever, maxing out at 211mph with 0-60mph possible in just 3.1 seconds.

Boasting a V12 engine, the Berlinetta also delivers on looks, with a smart leather interior matching the shapely aerodynamics. Despite a deluge of information on intricate performance tweaks, the F12 is still without a bottomline price. Estimates put the figure at a cool £250,000.

This compares with the Berlinetta’s predecessor, the Ferrari 599 GTB, which set back buyers £205,000. It's not often that a car with this level of impact comes along, so the chance to give the F12 a good look is sure to make this a standout feature of the Geneva Motor Show. 


As one of 180 world and European premieres in the Swiss city, the Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse (pictured left) has an awesome presence. The Italian car maker has promised that the Vitesse will be the “most powerful roadster of all time”, combining looks with juice under the bonnet.

The newest model will harness an impressive 1,200 horsepower from the 16-cylinder engine which is boosted by four turbochargers and intercoolers.

It is an upgrade from the imperious 16.4 Grand Sport, which was priced at an eye-watering £1.2million on launch. Bugatti’s latest launch has caused great excitement ever since a release picture of the Vitesse emerged in February, with production penciled in shortly after the end of the Geneva show.


As far as concept models go, the ‘Rinspeed Dock+Go’ (pictured right) could not get any more experimental. At heart it is a simple idea, attaching a third axle with two wheels on to the back of smaller vehicles, like the SmartCar, to increase luggage capacity. The additional axle is designed to mimic the rear end of the vehicle, giving it a so-called ‘backpack on wheels’.

The technology is aimed towards compact electric cars that give very little boot space, though Rinspeed has come up with some innovative solutions. Among a number of designs are a dock that includes a heated box for pizza delivery boys and another for workmen that has an integrated toolbox.

This might all sound weird and wacky but the Dock+Go has branched into something revolutionary - creating an “energy pack” dock that can charge your electric car on the go. This could add vital increased range to electric cars, though it may be many years before these vehicles become commonplace on our roads.

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