Whistleblower reveals conman carer 'worked in third Glasgow care home prior to arrest'

Victor Nwaka
Victor Nwaka

A man convicted of scamming his way into jobs at two Glasgow care homes reportedly carried out a similar con at another before he was snared by the authorities.

The Glasgow Times can today reveal that Victor Nwaka, 41, allegedly worked at a third city care home looking after vulnerable residents - despite having no legal basis to be in the UK.

A whistleblower at the facility told how she was 'sickened' after reading about Nwaka's string of deceit in our pages - and realised she had already worked alongside him.

We told last week how Nwaka had pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to two charges of obtaining employment by fraud at nursing homes in Drumchapel and Bridgeton between March 2020 and the following February by using false documents in concert with forged French and Maltese passports under an alias of Mamoudou Dieye.

After reading the story in the Glasgow Times, the woman, whose identity we are protecting, revealed how she became suspicious after working with the scammer at another Glasgow care home in 2019.

She said: “He started as a care assistant and I was responsible for his induction. It soon became very clear that he had no previous experience, despite claiming to.

"When I was trying to show him how we worked, he would say things like ‘I don’t need to know about this' or 'I don’t really care about what you’re telling me'.

“His attitude was very poor, and it was pretty obvious he had no real interest in the job, which when you are caring for people is unacceptable.

"He was very dismissive, rude and evasive if I asked any questions about his life outside of work."

The carer said Nwaka was "never physically abusive".

But she added: "Something right away didn’t sit right with me and I had real doubts about his character and background that he had put forward.

"He lasted about six months or so and then we never saw him again.

"I thought maybe he had left the care profession but I was sick when I saw him exposed by the Glasgow Times.

"Basically, he’s just a conman and an absolute disgrace to this profession.

"Proper checks should have been carried out to make sure he was never able to work with vulnerable residents - his lies could have put people's wellbeing at risk."

Victor Newaka

Nwaka was living in the city's Royston when information was received by the Home Office that he was working as a care assistant using a false identity.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard how he applied for and was successful in finding work with HC-One which operates care homes in the UK.

Prosecutor Hannah Terrance said: "In March 2020, he applied online for the post of care assistant within Arcada Gardens Care Home in Bridgeton. He also provided a copy of a false electricity bill in the name of Mamoudou Dieye. Nwaka worked night shifts at the care home between September 2020 and February 2021 when he resigned.

"He also submitted a false CV and French passport to recruitment company ASA and presented a card issued by the Scottish Social Services Council that he was approved to work in social care."

The court also heard how a false letter from the Department of Work and Pensions, a national security number and Disclosure Scotland certificates were entered into the online portal.

Ms Terrance added: "There is no suggestion that any of the care that Nwaka provided was sub-standard or that there were any disciplinary issues during the course of his employment he obtained through false pretences."

The whistleblower says Nwaka's case shows real failings within the sector.

She added: “I think it’s appalling that he was able to secure employment at so many care homes so easily. If it was my relative in one of the places he has worked, I’d be demanding answers.

“We don’t know the first thing about him and it’s clear that everything he said was a complete lie. I hope lessons are learned from this and hiring policies are reviewed to stop this from ever happening again.

“He was allowed to walk around these places of work all the while pretending to be someone else.

"Nobody was physically harmed, but that is only by the grace of God because he could have been anyone with any motive for getting access to vulnerable people. It really frightens me when I think about what could have happened and this should not be allowed to happen again.”

Sentence was deferred pending background reports until November by Sheriff Matthew Jackson KC.

Nwaka remains on bail meantime.

When contacted by the Glasgow Times, the care home said it could not specifically comment on our enquiry but that “no court or law enforcement authority” had been in touch regarding Nwaka.

The spokesperson stressed that the care home has a “robust system in place for recruiting staff”, adding: “We cover all the safe recruitment practice and guidance as we are required to do in all cases.

“We never deviate from this practice and our take on and recruitment system are robust. We also put all of our recruits through a rigorous induction process.”

A spokesperson for the Care Inspectorate said: "We are aware of the situation and are in contact with the services. We will use the information gathered as appropriate to inform our future scrutiny work.

"Everyone in Scotland has the right to good quality, safe care which meets their needs and respects their rights.  

"Anyone with a concern can contact us on 0345 600 9527."