White House placed on lockdown due to suspicious package

Alexandra Wilts
Construction cranes work to repair the South Portico steps as part of a large rennovation project at the White House: Getty Images

The White House was placed on lockdown after the Secret Service said it was investigating an unattended package near one of the gates.

“@SecretService & @DCPoliceDept responding to an unattended package near the North Fence of the @WhiteHouse Complex,” the agency tweeted.

Donald Trump is not at home. He is en route to Arizona for a rally.

Secret Service cleared the White House's North Lawn and sent journalists and construction workers in the area into the West Wing.

The agency also closed off certain areas next to the complex to pedestrians.

“Pedestrian traffic along Penn Ave between 15th & 17th and the area of LaFayette Park is restricted due to law enforcement activity,” the Secret Service wrote on Twitter.

The lockdown was later lifted without incident after both the Secret Service and Washington DC police said they had cleared the package.