White Kangaroo Relaxes Next to Flowers at Darling Downs Zoo

A white kangaroo was recently spotted lounging under a shady tree at Darling Downs Zoo in Queensland.

Video recorded by Michelyn Zimmermann shows a white joey enjoying a nap in lush and flowery grass while under the watch of an adult kangaroo.

Zimmermann told Storyful that the “very cute” joey was the first thing she and her daughter saw when they visited the zoo in Pilton.

Darling Downs Zoo told Storyful that the joey was a rare white kangaroo, which is different from an albino. Credit: Michelyn Zimmermann via Storyful

Video transcript

- (SINGING) I'm happy, happy guy. I'm going to hap, happy, happy guy. [INAUDIBLE]

- I think he's daydreaming.

- I think that's his mom. [INAUDIBLE] I'm only taking video. I got a [INAUDIBLE]. Dianne, like that?