What is that white line at the bottom of iPhone screens used for?

What is that white line at the bottom of iPhone screens used for?

TikTok helps phone users lead easier lives, from uncovering who’s behind a mystery text to help with customer service automated messages. But Jefferson Duke, aka “Big Duke” on TikTok (@bigduke13entertainment), has a special hack that he claims all iPhone users should be employing.

In a TikTok with over 2.1 million views, Duke demonstrated how the line at the bottom of an iPhone exists to take the user back to whatever app they had been using previously — in order. Click the line, and you’re automatically transferred back to your previous open app.

“Why do you think iPhone created this line?” Duke asked. “Man, if you screaming team iPhone, you better know how to do that.”

Plenty of iPhone users, however, admitted that they didn’t know how to do that, including lifestyle influencer Toirajnai (@toirajnai), who posted a duet with Big Duke expressing her shock and awe.

“All these years and aint nobody tell me nothing!” Toirajnai captioned her video, which has received over 1.1 million views.

Judging by the video’s comments, the iPhone feature shocked many others, too.

“Just tried this and I’m SHOOK. Nobody told me NOTHINGGGG,” commented an astonished @kimmy_taughtyou.

“Apple just be creating mess and don’t tell us nothing,” wrote @culturalsavages.

“I need to start reading the manual when I buy phones lmao,” @_jazmin22 noted.

“I’ve definitely done that unintentionally and was frustrated and didn’t realize it was a useful tool if used correctly,” @lindseycargile added.

Comments on Toirajnai’s TikTok ranged from amazed to shocked that the hack was new information, but the line swipe could be one of many iPhone features users are underutilizing.

“Girlll it’s a game changer!! If you swipe up slowly towards the middle, you can see all of the windows at once!!,” claimed @janel.labelle.

“We as iPhone users don’t really know how to use it to its full capacity lol we’re just here for blue messages and facetime,” admitted @queenquack88.

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