The White Lotus star denies season 3 return

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connie britton, white lotus, season 1
The White Lotus star denies season 3 returnHBO

The White Lotus star Connie Britton has denied that she is returning for season 3.

Britton, who played the part of high-powered CFO Nicole Mossbacher in season one of the hit HBO anthology show, will not be reprising her role for the third season due to scheduling issues.

According to TVLine, a spokesperson for Britton said: "She would love to do another season of The White Lotus at some point, but she is not participating in the upcoming season."

A popular fan theory suggested that Britton's character was related to Laura Dern's character, who appears in season 2 as the voice of Abby, Dom's (Michael Imperioli) estranged wife.

connie britton, white lotus, season 1

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The theory suggested that the two character's might actually be sisters, and hinted that both Dern and Britton could appear together in season 3.

Addressing the fan theory earlier this year, Britton said: "Oooh, I've never heard that before."

While Britton was unaware of the theory, she did express a willingness to return to the show, telling Variety: "Of course I would [return]. [Creator] Mike [White] is someone I'd admired for a long time in my career, and I was fortunate enough to work with him on Beatrice at Dinner, which he wrote. I think he's a genius, but also a kind genius. I have loved collaborating with him and I'll say yes to him 'til the end of time."

connie britton, white lotus, season 1

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Last summer Britton had hinted at a possible return for season three, telling Deadline that creator Mike White had an idea for her character.

"He wanted me to be in the second season, and there was an idea that I loved for the character," Britton said. "Our intention is to do it in the third season. A piece of casting didn't work in the second season and we're hoping to do that in the third season."

Unfortunately that couldn't happen, but perhaps if the show is renewed for season 4 and plot allows, Britton may well be back in the future.

The White Lotus airs on HBO Max in the US, and on Sky Atlantic, Sky Go and NOW in the UK.

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