The White Lotus star Theo James clarifies theory about his character’s children

The White Lotus season two reached its shocking conclusion with Monday (12 December) night’s final episode.

The major reveal was, of course, the identity of the dead body teased in episode one. But the end of the series was marked by a number of startling revelations along the way.

Warning: spoilers for The White Lotus season two finale follow!

One such revelation came in episode five, when Harper (Aubrey Plaza) suggests to Daphne (Meghann Fahy) that Cameron (Theo James) may have been unfaithful during their night away from the hotel.

“I’m sure whatever happened wasn’t a big deal. And, if anything ever happened, you do what you have to do to make yourself feel better about it,” Daphne responds.

She continues: “I have this trainer in the city, Lawrence. He’s so handsome, he has this blonde hair and these, like, big blue eyes. He’s really funny, too. I spend more time with him then Cameron sometimes ‘cause he’s so busy at work. He’s such a cutie.”

Daphne then offers to show Harper a photo, and while the insinuation is that Daphne is conducting her own affair with a personal trainer, the photo turns out to be of her two children, one of which has blonde hair and blue eyes, unlike Cameron.

“Whoopsie,” Daphne says when Harper tells her about her “mistake.” She adds: “Anyway, the point is, maybe you should get a trainer.”

Meghann Fahy and Theo James in ‘The White Lotus’ (Fabio Lovino/HBO)
Meghann Fahy and Theo James in ‘The White Lotus’ (Fabio Lovino/HBO)

The suggestion that the child might not be Cameron’s is compounded in the finale when Daphne calls her husband into the bedroom to speak to their kids on FaceTime. Cameron dithers for some time, making no rush when flossing his teeth and finally puts his game face on when coming out of the bathroom.

Discussing the theory in a new interview with Vulture, James clarified that he thinks Cameron still fathered one of Daphne’s children.

“I think one of them is his kid,” James said.

“You know, Meghann’s character is one of the most accepted characters on the show because of her warmth and bubbliness, her energy. She can go out and deliberately make friends, like when she’s initially against the ice wall that is Harper.

“At the same time, the way Daphne rectifies the situation is she does some pretty appalling things to feel a level of power over Cameron. Their relationship was born of love, but it’s fallen into a cycle of games and control,” he concluded.

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