An unexpected guest: Shock for tourists as van gets wedged between hotel and ditch

"If there had been someone in that room they would certainly have got a shock."

It looks like an unconventional way to unload a vehicle, but one white van man is lucky to be alive after flipping his motor and landing it vertically against a hotel.

The driver crashed the van which landed nose-down and wedged between the back of the building and a grass bank.

Guests at the hotel looked down to see the vehicle wedged in between the bank and the building with its boot flapping open.

Simon Hill, owner of the White House Inn near Newquay, Cornwall, said no guests were on the other side of the wall where the van collided on Saturday.

No one was hurt when the van collided with the hotel on the A3075, near Newquay, Cornwall (SWNS)

He said: "We think he swerved to the left to avoid a car, hit the grass verge, ricocheted off and then caught the front end of another car.

"He flipped straight over our hedge and ended up wedged against the wall. Luckily they all had their seatbelts on. They were all fine which was bit of a miracle.

"It could have been very dangerous if there had been someone in that room. They would certainly have got a shock."

Police said no one was hurt in the accident on the A3075, near Newquay, Cornwall.