Whitley Bay butcher wins four honours at Smithfield Awards for a selection of unique pies and meats

Kathryn Nicholson, who is celebrating Nicholson Butchers in Whitley Bay picking up four honours at the Smithfield Awards.
Kathryn Nicholson, who is celebrating Nicholson Butchers in Whitley Bay picking up four honours at the Smithfield Awards. -Credit:Highlights PR

A Whitley Bay-based butcher has won four honours at this year's Smithfield Awards, thanks to its unique pies, steaks and sausages. Nicholson Butchers is a traditional family business with a history dating back over a century in Whitley Bay.

The shop proudly took home two Gold Awards for their unique pies, the Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff and the Spanish Chicken, along with two Silver Awards for their steaks and pork sausages.

The Smithfield Awards are renowned for recognising the pinnacle of craft butchery excellence. Now in its fourth decade, the awards recognise and reward the finest craft butchery products across various categories; including sausages, bacon, burgers, steak, game products, and more.

Nicholson Butchers success at the event has underscored their dedication to quality and innovation in the industry. Crafted in-house at their bakery above the shop, Nicholson's award-winning pies feature homemade pastry and meticulously selected ingredients, with a focus on locally sourced produce whenever possible.

Kathryn Nicholson explained that the rigorous judging process included, an attention to taste, texture, appearance, and sustainability. Every product nominated went thorough evaluation by a panel of judges, ensuring only the highest standards were met.

She said: "We're thrilled to have received two Gold and two Silver awards from the Q Guild of Butchers. These accolades are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in creating exceptional products that delight our customers."

Nicholson Butchers is also committed to sourcing meat locally from trusted farms, to ensure freshness and quality in every product. From hand-selected beef and lamb to responsibly sourced chickens from Cumbria, the shop prioritises sustainability and ethical practices.

Located in Park View, Whitley Bay, Nicholson Butchers allow customers to experience their award-winning offerings both in-store and online. They also offer free daily delivery to local areas, meaning that patrons can enjoy the finest meats crafted with care and expertise.

Kathryn added: "I’m sure that when my great grandfather Charles opened his butcher’s shop in Whitley Bay during World War One, he would’ve hoped that the family name would carry on through the generations. I’m pleased to say that this has become a reality, leading to national awards for our products.

"I hope he would’ve been very proud of the family and our staff for continuing the work he started all those years ago."