Whitmer on serving as Harris’s vice president: ‘I’ll never say never’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) said Tuesday she would “never say never” to serving as Vice President Harris’s running mate, if she hypothetically replaced President Biden at the top of the party’s presidential ticket.

Whitmer stressed, however, that she has committed to serving out her term as governor and was not looking for a new job in Washington.

“I have never looked at opportunities in Washington, D.C., with a lot of excitement because I love Michigan. I love state government,” Whitmer said in an interview on ABC’s “The View,” when asked whether she would run as Harris’s vice president should Biden step aside.

“But, you know, I’ll never say never, but that’s not something that I am angling for in the slightest,” Whitmer, a co-chair of the Biden-Harris reelection campaign, added. “I made a commitment to serve out my term in Michigan.”

The swing-state governor has been mentioned frequently as a possible replacement for Biden, should he withdraw from the White House race, which he has adamantly maintained he will not do. Whitmer has also expressed frustration at stories that mention her as a possible replacement and, in the interview, reaffirmed her support for the president.

Asked whether Biden is the best candidate to take on Trump, Whitmer said, “I think so, yes. And that’s why I’m a co-chair of the Biden-Harris reelection campaign.”

“Whether it’s bringing down the cost of insulin or it is onshoring supply chains in the wake of the pandemic, whether it is helping people get back to work and keep more money in their pockets — that’s what the Biden-Harris administration has done,” she added. “He’s got an incredibly capable vice president by his side, and we are electing them as a team, and I’m excited about it.”

When pressed to consider a scenario in which Biden does step aside, Whitmer agreed Harris would be the obvious choice to fill his spot.

“She’s vice president for a reason,” she said. “And so I think that that would be the natural conclusion, and I would be eager to support her as well.”

Her comments come a day after the Michigan governor defended Biden in a Q&A interview with USA Today, explaining that his busy schedule would be “brutal” for anyone.

At least six House Democrats have called publicly for Biden to step aside, after his debate performance sparked concerns in the party about his standing at the top of the ticket. Many Democrats, however, have doubled down on their support for the incumbent — including leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

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