'Whole Other Level': Shopper in Canada Wears Dragon Mask in Coronavirus Pandemic

As governments scrambled to contain the spread of coronavirus, one woman in Orillia, Canada, took protective headwear to the next level — donning a full-head dragon mask while shopping.

Local realtor Leanne Smith shared this video of the female shopper on Facebook on March 17, inviting people to “see the lengths people are going to to social distance” in her post.

Smith told Storyful she “couldn’t believe it” when she spotted the woman, adding: “I decided to video and it was hilarious how nonchalant she was about the whole thing.”

According to Smith, seeing the dragon-masked lady provided a much-needed reprieve from the stresses of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“In the current climate of this virus it was the first good laugh I had,” Smith said. “I posted to my [Facebook] and my immediate friends were so thrilled that something else other than the doom we are currently facing and suggested I let them share it.”

Canadian health authorities reported a total 1432 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and a death toll of 20 on March 23. Credit: Leanne Smith via Storyful