Who's the most famous person you've spotted in Dorset? What YOU said

Who's the most famous person you've spotted in Dorset? what YOU said
Who's the most famous person you've spotted in Dorset? what YOU said

WHO’S the most famous person you’ve ever spotted in Dorset?

That’s the question we asked on the Bournemouth Echo Facebook page and more than 1,200 people responded.

The post generated some fascinating responses from TV stars to Hollywood actors and even royalty.

Have you ever spotted anyone famous in Dorset? You can get involved in the comments below.

Here is just a section of some of the celebrities and well-known faces you’ve seen in the county.

And yes, there were several mentions of Dorset's most famous resident, Harry Redknapp.

1. Many years ago my dad and I were watching them fishing on Bournemouth Pier only to have Terry Scott appear one side of us and Eric Sykes the other, great days.

2. Met the late great Freddie Star in Poole. Can't remember if it was Poole carnival or maybe Poole Hospital carnival and I believe it was at the stadium... Was about 35-40 years ago.

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3. Geri Halliwell with her dog at Highcliffe years ago. Terry Wogan, he was sat on a bench chatting to someone (reporter) at Weymouth Harbour. I walked past, did a double take and then went back. He and the reporter then climbed down and went onto a boat and Terry was chatting with the captain. Although I didn't personally talk to him (really wish I had!) I stood watching for a while and he seemed like just a normal decent guy. This was April 2015, less than a year later he was gone.

4. Danny La Rue on a bench enjoy the sun on the cliffs. Sue Pollard at the kids’ school summer fetè ditto Val Doonican the following year. Then bumped into Vicky Mitchell in a restaurant in Poole, she was very friendly. Yes, and Harry and Gazza often. Ted Mac Dougall coming out of his house in Southbourne when I was working over the road. Little and Large filming in Canford Cliffs. And Eric Sykes and the cast filming in Shelbourne Road.

5. Rick Parfitt, Errol Brown both stayed at the hotel I was working at. Had a conversation with Errol in the lift and he insisted that I have a signed photo! Rick Parfitt was lovely, I still have one of his coat hangers he left behind.

6. Prince William, couple of years ago, went to the club I was working for (Lava & Ignite) today called cameo. Also, he did go next day to Bliss (doesn’t exist anymore)

7. The Queen and Brad Pitt, both at The Tank Museum (not together!)

8. My parents used to run a restaurant in Poole Quay. I think the most famous person that ate there was Tina Turner. Plus, Lenny Henry, Linda Lusardi , the whole of Spandau Ballet, the Redknapps, Des O’Connor! Loads of other well known people from the 80s/90s.

9. Princess Diana, she landed in our school field when she came for a visit to Dorset.

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10. I once met Richard Wilson whilst they were filming an episode of One Foot in the Grave in Boscombe shopping precinct. And got his autograph.

11. Made a sandwich for Frank Carson.when I worked in the Upton. when he was doing a show at Upton working men’s club.

12. Kylie and Danny Minogue having breakfast at the hotel in the gardens (at the time the road shows used to be on the front)

13. Jon Bon Jovi, Mick Jagger, Elton John, every premiership football team since 1999. Helps that I work at the airport. But my favourite was Ade Edmondson and Jennifer Saunders, they were so down to earth and chatty.

14. Ian Gillan, lead singer of Deep Purple. Waited patiently next to me to order his pint in a pub in Lyme Regis.

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15. I helped Lionel Blair pick out some pyjamas when I worked in TK Maxx in Bournemouth. Also seen Buster Merryfield in The New Forest.

16. Thelma Barlow who played Mavis, from Coronation Street got on board my National Express coach at London Victoria to Swanage, really lovely lady. And Paul Gascoigne by Boscombe Pier.

17. Madonna with her bodyguards in Shaftesbury when she was married to guy Ritchie.

18. The Queen, she was opening what was then a new police station in Bournemouth.

19. Prince Harry came into Tesco Fleetsbridge for a PS3 game.

20. Stephen Merchant last month at Studland beach.

21. Liam Gallagher, getting out of a taxi outside the Royal Bath Hotel. My mum literally walked straight into him & HE apologised to HER how British is that?!!

22. Howard Donald in Ringwood, Harry Redknapp quite a few times & Gazza (legend)