Why 80% of parents have completely re-evaluated their parenting style over the past year

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A turbulent 2020 has parents throwing everything they knew about raising kids out the window with four in five (80%) reporting that 2020 made them completely reevaluate how they parent.

The study of 2,000 millennial parents examined the impacts the past twelve months will have on how they go about raising their children. 

Results found that 72% say the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular has helped them become a more compassionate parent than before, with 73% prioritizing the little moments they share with their children. 

OnePoll conducted the research, commissioned by new luxury diaper brand - Millie Moon, and showed one in two (51%) have made an effort to focus on spending more one-on-one time with each kid. 

As a result of the past twelve months, 68% of millennial parents are showing that compassion by making a more concerted effort to purchase products with a charitable tie. 

The COVID-19 pandemic was the top event from 2020 to prompt a parenting pivot with the economic crisis and the Black Lives Matter movement also making it in the top five.

To help mitigate ongoing effects the last year has had on their children, 44% of parents surveyed said they have lessened their emphasis on performing well at school for their children 

Beyond changes to their parenting styles, adults are rearranging priorities in their own lives. Forty-three percent have opted to move their work and career further down the list of priorities and this freed up time has a major impact on their children.

Two in three (64%) plan to practice what they preach so their children learn from their example, with nearly half (47%) deciding to increase how much they give to charity. Over half of those polled hope their children learn the importance of giving back from them.

"The past year has been challenging for parents, but the silver lining is that 73% of parents have been able to prioritize sharing more of those special little moments with their children," said Amelia Watson, Global Marketing Manager at Millie Moon Luxury Diapers. 

"We understand these quality moments with your little ones are precious which is why we set out to create something to allow parents more time to focus on their child's growth and development, especially during those important first chapters."  

Beyond their own actions, parents are relying on educational TV shows (55%) and books (42%) to instill these vital lessons into their children.

Forty-eight percent see storytime as a key bonding moment, with the average parent reading to their kids three times a week and 70% have made it a priority to read to their children for at least 15 minutes a day.

Seven in ten (69%) believe there are long-term benefits that will pay off from consistently reading aloud to their kids.

One in two (54%) want their children to have improved language skills while 49% just want to spark their kids' imaginations. 

"Not only is reading aloud one of the most powerful bonding experiences between parent and child, but there are numerous long-term benefits that some parents are not aware of," said Amelia Watson, Global Marketing Manager at Millie Moon Luxury Diapers. "With 68% of parents emphasizing the importance of giving back to others, we have partnered with Reach Out and Read, a national literacy foundation, to donate a portion of all proceeds to help more children discover the joys and benefits of reading."