Why Anthony Michael Hall Turned Down Brat Pack Documentary: “I’m Always Trying to Move Forward”

Anthony Michael Hall was asked to be part of Brats but turned down the opportunity.

“I was asked to be a part of it, but you know what, I’ll tell you my attitude is you have to wish everyone success,” Hall told TV Insider. “It was just something I chose not to do because I’m always trying to move forward and make new things and do new stuff.”

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Brats, a Hulu documentary from Andrew McCarthy released in June, explored the 1980s group of young actors who often appeared in coming-of-age films. Hall, a member of the group, appeared in 1985’s The Breakfast Club and 1984’s Sixteen Candles when he was just 15 and 16.

The documentary included appearances from actors Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Timothy Hutton, Demi Moore, Rob Lowe and Lea Thompson, along with writer-director Howard Deutch, producer Lauren Shuler and David Blum, the journalist who coined the term “Brat Pack.” The doc did not address Hall’s absence, and the actor said he hasn’t yet seen the documentary.

“The truth is, I’ve had to embrace the John Hughes period of my life all my career, and I’m happy to do so,” Hall continued. “It’s never been an issue for me. But I also think time has taught me you have to wish everyone success.”

The director added his well-wishes for McCarthy, saying, “I think he’s carved out a great career for himself. He’s a writer, and he directs TV. He’s a cool guy. He’s a father, too.”

Following his teenage rise to fame, Hall went on to star in The Dead Zone as well as in films like Halloween Kills and Trigger Warning. He will also appear in the upcoming third season of Reacher.

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