Why your car can be an ideal ‘quiet space’

Jack Evans, PA Motoring Reporter
·3-min read

It’s fair to say that we’re all living in a stressful time. With ever-changing restrictions and a real change to our ‘normal’ lives, there’s a good chance that most people will be feeling a touch more unsettled than usual.

A recent boom in home improvements has seen many people adapt their houses to stay-at-home living, but have you considered the humble car as a way to escape the noise of the everyday? Here are some of the core reasons why your car could be a lounge away from home without even turning the key.

It’s quiet

Car rear seats
Some cars allow you to recline the rear seats, too

Sometimes a little peace and quiet go a long way. It’s something you’ll find in all cars when they’re parked up, as with plenty of insulation they’re almost ideally suited to providing the calm and silence to take the edge off the day.

They’ve got your music included

Car audio controls
You’re free to pick whichever song you like in your car

There’s no reason to fight over what music is playing in your four-wheeled quiet space – it’s completely down to you. Pick a song, put a CD on or load a tape into the deck and you’re away.

Cars are ideally suited to listening to music, too, thanks to speakers and a naturally acoustic cabin.

Audiobooks are ideal too

Car speakers
With good speakers, cars are well-suited to providing listening entertainment

Don’t think that a car is only good for listening to music in; audiobooks are a sure-fire hit, too. The popularity of audiobooks has soared in recent years, so put on your favourite through the car’s system, dial out of the bluster of the every day and enjoy.

Given that they’re usually quiet, a car’s cabin is a great place to catch each twist and turn of an audiobook.

You can get comfy in no time at all

Car seat controls
Adjust the seat to find your perfect position

Though cars are engineered to be comfortable when travelling, there’s no reason why they can’t be adapted to form more of a ‘lounge-like’ environment instead.

You could sit in the passenger seat and slide it rearwards as far as it can go, therefore extending legroom and making it even more comfortable. That said, if you want to stretch out then the back seats could be a great option too.

But watch that battery

Though we’re all for transforming your car into a makeshift lounge, just be mindful about the car’s battery. We wouldn’t advise running the stereo for too long, nor leaving any interior lights on for an extended period of time. Doing so can easily run the battery down and mean that when you actually try to start your vehicle, it’ll struggle to do so.

However, for shorter periods, there’s no reason why you can’t kick back and relax in your car.