Why Costco's Double Chocolate Chip Cookie May Not Be At Your Store

Costco chocolate chip cookie
Costco chocolate chip cookie - Freddsters / YouTube

After a long shopping spree, many Costco consumers might look forward to a little snack before embarking on the unloading stage of their grocery haul. While a $1.99 slice of pizza or a hot dog and a drink for $1.50 can make for a convenient lunch on the go, the dessert options are where the menu truly shines. It's hard to beat a sweet treat after braving the busy aisles of a crowded Costco. For years, the massive churro has been a staple on the food court menu, with many fans celebrating its return in 2021 after a brief hiatus during the pandemic.

Unfortunately for the churro fans, this distaste coincided with rumors of its discontinuation and a complete menu shift that abandoned the cinnamon and sugar-coated fried dough stick for a timeless classic: the chocolate chip cookie. Notably, Costco's new cookie is similarly large, priced at $2.49. While the reviews of the new cookie have been mixed, with some on social media finding it to be extremely sweet and slightly overcooked, others haven't even had the opportunity to try it.

The cookie hit a number of stores in January 2024, but some shoppers say the dessert option is still missing from their local Costco food court menu. One Reddit thread said that a Costco location in Utah had the new chocolate chip cookies for a single day before removing them, claiming that "it wasn't up to Costco standards." However, the user supported the idea of Costco "improv[ing] it nationwide."

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Costco's Menu Change Is Controversial

shoppers in line at costco food court
shoppers in line at costco food court - ZikG/Shutterstock

Reddit seemed to be aware of Costco's food court cookies before they officially launched, and users from several states are questioning the absence of these cookies from their local stores. While a commenter in Utah at least saw them briefly, people in some parts of Colorado purportedly hadn't seen the treats on the food court menu at all. One person suggested that the altitude might be affecting how the cookies are baked. Similarly, the cookie was allegedly absent from another Costco in Washington.

However, some people did spot the cookie at Costco locations in Oregon and Massachusetts, so it could still be in the process of a nationwide rollout. Of course, those who tasted the cookie had a lot to say, with some finding it "very very rich" and advising others to share it. When discussing the common complaints about the cookie, one user wrote, "Too expensive, too many calories, too small, too much butter, too much chocolate ..." which highlights the subjectivity of food reviews. Ultimately, most customers want to taste the cookie before forming an opinion. So, if they're missing from your Costco, there may be a chance they'll show up.

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