Coronavirus: Why did Prince Charles get tested for COVID-19?

Rebecca Taylor
Royal Correspondent
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    We do not know what clinical symptoms the Prince; exhibited for all we know he presented with breathing problem due to something other than COVID-19 which was treatable. [Allergies, panic attack, a cold, the flue and walking pneumonia are a few examples of diseases that can cause breathing issues and are treatable conditions which is managed properly normally do not require hospitalization.]
    Testing for COVID-19 to determine if the symptoms were due to a treatable condition or COVID-19 is sensible. By testing him and confirming he has COVID-19 several things were accomplished:
    1. Puts the Prince in quarantine, which limits the ability of the virus to be spread
    2. If the “clinical symptoms” identified another underlying treatable condition, got the Prince on medication to treat that, preventing that problem from contributing to the problems caused by COVID-19.
    3. Let the Prince know what to watch for as the disease progresses so any complications are identified and deal with immediately.
    4. Didn’t tie up a scared ICU bed

    Bottom line he is an old man with symptoms who was given a test when he went to the NHS in Aberdeenshire.

    Wouldn't you want him tested if he was your father or grandfather?
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    The reason he is in Scotland, is because of protocol. He is being kept separated from the Queen and William, for the same reason the PM and deputy PM are kept apart. It would have been his Doctor that called for the test
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    Why did Prince Charles get tested for COVID-19? same reason all the other celebrities and Rich people did.. they have priority in this world I guess
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    Care home workers dont get tested either...and they are working on the frontline too, just not with the nhs.
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    Phyllis Stein
    Why in deed. Presumably because he is an important person, unlike Hospital staff and nurses who are not being tested
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    This is a "dumb American question" We had a similar bottleneck in testing - here initially everything was going to the Center for Disease control and they were the only ones making test kits.

    Now we have two nationwide testing labs processing tests and several companies producing tests kits and have gone from making 10,000 kits/day to 100,000 kit/day and several company are ramping up to start making even more kits. We also now have the research labs at our universities and medical schools processing test in addition to the Hospitals. It is making a huge difference.

    So my questions are:
    1. Has the NHS contacted the UK universities and medical schools to get them involved in testing? If not, why not? The UK has a superior university system and robust system of medical schools. Use them.
    2. Has the NHS contacted the UK medical schools and asked them to release those students who have finished their studies and are ready to do their internship now, so they can augment the physicians now. That would add several thousand new doctors to the system .
    3. Does the UK have any private testing labs that could handle COVID-19 tests and augment the NHS labs? If so get them involved.

    Every bit helps when it comes to tackling this pandemic.
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    It is called privilege. Charles is nearly the king, and that is how things work. Also he meets and greets a lot of people so it is important to know if he is spreading it around the leaders of countries. Most of us are simply not as important as he is.
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    Guys , Prince Charles got tested because he was in contact with Prince de Monaco. He shook his hands and the latter was tested positive for covid19
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    New England Patriot
    Not sure why so many are complaining ... if you support the Royal firm you give consent to their privilege and position. They are only elevated above us because supporters permit it. If you are a committed democratic and support a truly democratic UK that sees this lot abolished you have every right to complain. Personally I would have a republic tomorrow. As for Charlie having Coronavirus I don’t believe a word of it. The firm has had it’s PROBABLY machine in overdrive since Andy was in the spot light, this is just another attempt to pretend they are the same as us, particularly after Charlie’s on goal earlier in the week about deferring tenants rents rather than cancelling them whilst this goes on. Royalists have zero right to complain
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    wouldnt it make a change if we were told the truth for a change. if he is that ill that he needs a hospital appointment, and therefore this test, why aren't we informed. if he is as important as he thinks he is, then the public should know that he is on his way out