Why did The Queen’s procession to Westminster Hall start at exactly 2.22pm?

The Queen will leave Buckingham Place for the last time today as a ceremonial procession will transport her coffin to Westminster Abbey.

Queen Elizabeth II will lie-in-state until Monday, September19, when her funeral will take place. Until then, mourners can visit the abbey to pay tribute to the late Queen.

The procession from Buckingham Palace will travel along The Mall, Horse Guards Road, across Horse Guards Parade, and on to Whitehall to Parliament Square and into the Palace of Westminster.

The Queen’s children and grandchildren, including King Charles III, Prince William, and Prince Harry, are among the Royal Family members who will walk behind her coffin.

The procession is set to leave Buckingham Palace at 2.22pm on Wednesday, September 14.

Why does The Queen’s procession start at exactly 2.22pm?

The procession will begin at exactly 2.22pm, because it takes 38 minutes to walk from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.

The very specific timing reflects how meticulously everything about the mourning period and the Queen’s funeral has been planned.

Once the Queen’s coffin has reached Westminster Abbey, The Archbishop of Canterbury will conduct a short service, which Royal Family members will attend.

When does Lying-in-State begin?

After this, the Lying-in-State will begin and will be open to the public from 5pm. It will be open 24 hours a day until it closes at 6.30am on Monday, September 19.

A live feed will be streamed from Westminster Hall on BBC’s red-button service, while ITV and Sky will provide coverage.

The queue to attend in-person is expected to be extremely long, with the Government warning the public that they could be expected to queue for hours, including overnight.

The queue will start where Albert Embankment meets Lambeth Bridge in Central London, on the south side of the River Thames. From Albert Embankment, the queue will continue along the south bank of the Thames.