‘Why does she care?’: Kim Kardashian responds to Debra Messing’s criticism about her hosting SNL

Kim Kardashian has responded to Debra Messing’s comment that questioned why she was invited to host Saturday Night Live.

In September, the reality star and entrepreneur was announced as the central celebrity guest on the long-running sketch comedy show.

Ahead of Kardashian’s appearance, the Will & Grace actor tweeted her confusion about why she’d been chosen for the gig.

“Why Kim Kardashian?” she began her message. “I mean, I know she is a cultural icon, but SNL has hosts, generally, who are performers who are there to promote a film, TV show, or album launch. Am I missing something?”

In the season premiere of The Kardashians, released on Thursday (14 April), the one-time SNL host addressed Messing’s tweet.

“A girl from Will & Grace came out and said she has no idea why I would be chosen as a host, but it’s like, why do you care?”

Kardashian continued: “I don’t comment to tear people down, especially another female. If that’s what you think, dude, then cool, tune in.”

Kim Kardashian on SNL (Twitter/Saturday Night Live - SNL)
Kim Kardashian on SNL (Twitter/Saturday Night Live - SNL)

Messing later apologised for her words during an appearance on chat show Tamron Hall. She told the host: “Well, I was not intending to troll her and you know if anybody took it that way, I apologise.”

Rather than trying to “tear Kardashian down”, Messing said she was just wondering why SNL had broken from its tradition of booking musicians and actors.

“That was never my intention,” she explained. “She is this phenomenon. I mean, you know, she is a cultural icon.”