Why Edinburgh Cashmere is one of the best places to buy high-quality lambswool and cashmere products

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The full catalogue of Edinburgh Cashmere offerings is available on the official website www.edinburghcashmere.co.uk 
The full catalogue of Edinburgh Cashmere offerings is available on the official website www.edinburghcashmere.co.uk

Didar Singh Chalana has been making waves worldwide with the success of his expanding DC brand portfolio.

His passion and dedication to developing leading businesses in different industries have led him to become one of the household names in the UK and the global fashion industry.

Edinburgh Cashmere is the fruit of his untiring labour and unique vision that has enabled it to become one of the leading suppliers of high-quality apparel worldwide.

The company supplies pure cashmere and lambswool products of unmatched quality to various countries like Italy, Spain, and France, and more are being added to the Edinburgh Cashmere and the DC brand’s network.

The high-quality and unique designs of pure cashmere and lambswool products have allowed the brand to establish a strong foothold in the fashion world, especially in the United Kingdom and the European mainland.



The Rise of Edinburgh Cashmere  

Edinburgh Cashmere is the result of hard work, dedication, and a focus on the development of products that embodies the values of the brand and the man behind the brand.

Since its launch in 2014, the company has made its mark on the world map through its range of cashmere and lambswool stoles, capes, scarves and more.


The brand is the largest producer and wholesaler of pure cashmere and lambswool scarves in the UK, the European mainland and a growing list of regions across the globe. Each year more than a million orders are shipped from the brand’s websites to their destinations in Italy, Spain, France, etc.

Edinburgh Cashmere products are made from the highest-quality cashmere sourced from sustainable farms in Scotland and other countries.


What Makes Our Cashmere Products Different? 

Cashmere is an all-natural fabric made from hair sourced from the underbelly of a goat. The hair is six times thinner than human hair, and the thread woven from it has a softness that is unmatched by other fabrics.

Edinburgh Cashmere’s creation process ensures that this softness is maintained, giving each product a luxurious feel that is unmatched by any other fabric.

The production process at Edinburgh Cashmere involves 35 unique steps to treat the strands and turn them into the finest and softest material for the production of the ever-growing number of products in the brand’s catalogue.

The company specialises in an exclusive variety of cashmere and lambswool scarves, stoles, and capes that are light to carry but perfect for all occasions where comfort meets style. The products are available all year round from the website and are shipped to destinations around the world.


A Wide Variety of High QualityWool Fashion Products Under One Roof 

Edinburgh Cashmere stocks a wide variety of 100% pure cashmere scarves, capes, and stoles that are versatile, durable and unique in design. The company also offers pure lambswool products, which include scarves, stoles, capes, and blankets.

Lambswool is another popular material for fashion clothing that is soft to touch, light, and breathable. It is quite a versatile and long-lasting material. It’s sought-after for producing high-grade textile.

The wide variety of colours, styles, and high-quality fabric at Edinburgh Cashmere is unique to the company. The force behind the brand DC is personally involved with the design of each product to ensure quality and comfort.

Each product is comfort and style personified and will work with a wide range of fashion styles and choices. The colours of the cashmere scarves pop beautifully on the fabric and are long-lasting. Whether a formal occasion or a casual night out, your cashmere scarf will turn heads.

Edinburgh Cashmere is not just limited to women but also produces scarves and stoles for men because DC believes that the right to look and feel like a fashion icon should not be limited. The luxurious scarves and stoles are available for men and women in various colours and designs.

From neutral to dark colours, the brand’s clients can choose what suits them. Whether you like to sport subtle designs and colours or looking for something bolder and attention-grabbing, you can find something to suit your brand and style. Choose from the best-selling DC Monogram Scarf or DC Classic Check to stand apart.

Some of the other more well-liked designs by the company include its Milano Stole, DC Classic Check, and Edinburgh Cashmere. You can style the products in reverse as well, such as the full stag reversible scarf and the thistle reversible stole, which become versatile pieces for your wardrobe that you can carry with ease anywhere.


A Global Brand  

Didar Singh Chalana, popularly known as DC Singh, has made his mark in the world of high fashion. As a passionate and lifelong learner, he’s known for his keen eye for detail and attention to quality. His continuous style innovations have enabled him to take his vision and turn it into a global brand.

Apart from Edinburgh Cashmere, the company has additional labels, including Edinburgh Lambswool, Clan Cashmere, DC Milan and DC Design. Each label is recognised for its high-end, top quality designs.


Edinburgh Cashmere is set to launch its first retail outlet in the UAE, which will enable it to further expand into the Middle Eastern market. It will introduce its high-end fashion products through its high-end fashion house in Dubai Mall by the end of the year. The high-end apparel fashion brand is keen to bring its luxurious offerings to the culturally diverse yet stylish populace of Dubai.

However, Dubai is just the first of many plans the brand has for expansion. You can soon expect to see retail outlets in London, Paris, New York and Milan. The company also supplies its products to premier football clubs.


Why Choose Edinburgh Cashmere? 

Buying an Edinburgh Cashmere product is an investment and one of the best decisions for your wardrobe you can make. The brand’s offerings are versatile, unique, head-turners and conversation starters.

Edinburgh Cashmere products are suitable as a fashion accessory in various patterns, colours and designs suitable for all occasions. It helps make a statement in any weather and any occasion.

DC understands that to grow a brand, one needs to cater to local demands, and this is why Edinburgh Cashmere is the first company to create a high-quality cashmere scarf sporting each of the unique clan tartans of the 110 clans in the Highlands. To ensure the quality and accuracy of these clan designs, the company worked with some of the oldest wool mills in Scotland.

Another reason to get Edinburgh Cashmere products is their durability. The high-quality fabric is made to last for years if cared for correctly. Its classic look can be carried over the years as it will never go out of style. You can even pass it on to family members as a keepsake.

Its distinctive designs are a hallmark of the brand’s identity that is personified by the unique vision of DC. The bold checks, plain colours and the jacquard designs are specially curated to help you turn heads whenever you step out. The designs and colours are carefully chosen to reflect grace and style. Edinburgh Cashmere is the ultimate inter-seasonal clothing and a must-have for your wardrobe.


The Future of Edinburgh Cashmere

The company has a number of plans to further diversify its portfolio and explore new markets. The business empire that DC has created is not limited to fashion and apparel but has also expanded into the food industry.

The next targets for the company include taking over the food and technology industries. Among other things, the leading designer plans to launch his own taxi app as well.

2022 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the company as it launches its flagship in the UAE. The face of the DC empire has no plans of stopping anytime soon. His list of achievements is continuously growing.


Wrapping Up 

The full catalogue of Edinburgh Cashmere offerings is available on the official website, where you can find original and genuine cashmere and lambswool products. The company offers worldwide delivery, so no matter where you are, you can order your cashmere scarf, cape, or stoles conveniently and easily.

The company is also looking for collaborations with fashion icons and high-end retail stores to continuously expand the reach and scope of the brand.






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