Why going to the toilet is about to get expensive

Blowing your nose or answering the call of nature could be the next thing to get expensive.

The world's number-two maker of tissues says big price rises are on the way.

Swedish firm Essity competes with the likes of Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark.

It says it faces record-high prices for raw materials, energy and distribution.

On Wednesday (January 26) it reported profits down by over a third, even as sales rose by 11%.

And the company says there's no sign that costs will come down any time soon.

That all makes price hikes unavoidable.

Exactly how much a trip to the toilet will cost, depends where you are.

Essity says the timing and size of price rises will be decided locally.

And it all leaves consumers with a problem.

Switching to a cheaper brand of toilet paper might be possible, but reducing consumption altogether... that could be a challenge.

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