Why Kelly Rowland Is Nervous to Have a Second Child


Kelly Rowland and her adorable son, Titan. (Photo: Matt Sayles/AP/Invision)

Kelly Rowland is one of the lucky ones. She gave birth to her precious son, Titan Jewell, a little over a year ago and has found motherhood to be a breeze.

The singer recently celebrated Titan’s first birthday with friends and family. She baked her baby boy his very own “smash cake” and catered in Mexican food, but also made time to sit back and reflect on the day that changed her life forever. “On [Nov. 4] at 1:20, I was thinking, ‘This is around the time that I was pushing this boy out,’” she tells Yahoo Celebrity.

Most mothers will rave about how the births of their children were the greatest moments of their lives, sans the logistics, of course. Rowland, however, claims to have loved every minute of Titan’s delivery. “It was the best day ever! The easiest four pushes was all it took and he was here and just so beautiful,” she says of her 22-hour labor experience. And aside from sleep training, which she successfully pawned off on her husband, Tim Witherspoon, Rowland’s first year with her son has been so smooth that it’s making her a bit nervous for what a possible baby No. 2 could have in store for her.

After entering the ranks of motherhood, the glamorous singer signed on as a spokesperson for Dreft laundry detergent, which she can’t get enough of since she began washing her son’s clothes in it — even before he had been born. “It has literally become a part of my household!” she laughs. Yahoo Celebrity caught up with Rowland at a press day to promote the partnership and got the scoop on life with her toddler, her new gig on Empire, and why she considers 2014 to be the year that her life truly began.


(Photo: Matt Sayles/AP/Invision)

Yahoo Celebrity: Titan just turned 1. Is that surreal?
Kelly Rowland: It is surreal! It almost makes me a little sad because I just can’t believe a year has passed already. And then it’s so crazy because on that day, I was thinking of what the day consisted of. On the 4th at 1:20, I was thinking, “This is around the time that I was pushing this boy out.” It was the best day ever. The delivery was the best! It was 22 hours. I was in labor and the final stretch, it was like, “OK, here comes Titan!” and he had a head full of hair. The easiest four pushes was all it took and he was here and just so beautiful.

Has he been an easy baby?
He’s been really easy. I think the only thing that now is a challenge is making sure we don’t spoil him. And also sleep training. That was a challenge, but I didn’t do it, my husband did.


Kelly and her boys. (Photo: Instagram)

How’d you manage to pull that off?
I left town. He was like, “I know you’re not going to want to let him scream.” I was like, “I can’t let him scream.” He’s like, “You’re gonna have to leave town.” So I went on a business trip. By the time I got back, Titan was sleep trained.

How has motherhood changed you?
There is no more time for BS. There wasn’t time for BS before, but I definitely don’t want Titan around anybody full of BS.

You had a baby and got married all in one year. Were you just swirling with pregnancy hormones and marital bliss?
It was awesome! We got married and just had the most amazing wedding. 2014 was such a great year for us. It was almost like when my life began. So 2014 will always be like, “Ahhhh.” It’s my favorite. Absolutely.


(Photo: Matt Sayles/AP/Invision)

What role does your husband take versus you when it comes to the baby?
He plays with Titan so incredibly well. When Titan sees him, he just lights up as if he were saying, “Dad!” I am the food preparer. I am the fun mom too. We have a lot of fun together. But me and my husband both love to read to him. We’re both good at everything, except my husband’s not good at making food. I won’t give him that responsibility.

Do you make your own baby food?
I do. There’s a book called Baby FoodE that I’m in love with. And I actually saw Alicia Keys’s Instagram about it. I went and bought that book and I follow every recipe in it. It’s awesome. When I see [Alicia], I want to bring it up and exchange recipes.

Does your baby have a future in show business?
He’s only a year. He’s just learning to walk. Right now I think one of the greatest things he does is go to his bookshelf and grab a book and give it to me or his auntie and ask him to read him a book. It’s his favorite thing right now. So, I want him to learn how to read before he enters show business!


Titan’s first trip to the pumpkin patch. (Photo: Instagram)

Does having one inspire you to want to have one more?
One more. That’s it!

Everyone always says, “If your first is super-easy, the second one…”
Is going to be hell! Yeah. That’s what makes me actually nervous to have a second one. I feel like this journey with Titan has been so easy, so I’m kind of nervous to have a second one, but I still want one more.

We’re excited about your storyline arc on Empire. How did that come about?
It’s been awesome. It came about actually through SoulCycle. I went to SoulCycle and [the show’s creator] Lee [Daniels] was there. We were taking the same class with Angela Davis and we walked out talking about Empire. It was so simple. And some people talk Hollywood in Hollywood and they probably won’t follow up on their word, but he literally had everybody calling that afternoon: “What’s her schedule like? And we’d like her to be in Chicago until this day and stay until this day.” It was just really cool.

Was that the first gig you’ve ever booked while exercising?
Yes, it is! This was just a coinkydink. You gotta watch it!